Therefore, he must love and take care of it. Protecting Nature. Between 1932 and 1984, we lost 97% of our species-rich grassland - and heathlands have fared little better. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. There are some ways in which the common man can help preserve nature. At the heart of our approach is a simple premise. On July 5th of 1852, Fredrick Douglass gave a speech to a mainly female audience at the Rochester Anti-Slavery Sewing society rally. Need to encourage the use of compost, organic fertilizers and biofolisers. Transcript below. Why should we protect nature? By our unscrupulous actions, we are contributing to the degeneration of the natural environment which in turn negatively affects human life on the planet Earth. Here's a look at this classification, with the well planned ways of preserving each one: Natural resources have been classified primarily on the basis of their ability to renew, source of development and development level. Short Speech about Nature. Persuasive The danger of ocean oil spills. Rain water harvesting system should be established. An Essay about Nature Protection. The use of renewable resources such as solar, water and wind power should be encouraged. Some species have become extinct due to natural causes, but the greatest danger to wildlife results from human activities. These resources can be used to create various things that surely make the life of a person more comfortable and comfortable. Using more paper means encouraging deforestation which is a matter of concern in today's time. Non-renewable resources: These resources are either very slow or do not occur naturally. Use electrical appliances wisely and stop them when they are not in use. Protection of the environment can also mean that the environmental practices that the human race indulge in are sustainable to help avoid damaging or harming the ecosystem. In this argumentative essay will discuss nature protection and why it’s important. “Many animals are in extinction because of earth destruction.” ( Charman , 1) Animals are disappearing since people don’t save nature. Why we should use reusable bags. Apart from this, people can make important contributions by limiting the use of the rainwater harvesting system, limiting the use of cars and spreading awareness about nature conservation, limiting the use of paper. These are further divided into sub categories. You can take your pick as per your academic requirements. And to make sure that all these continue to be available in abundance. For animals, it is more about conservation. The impacts of this pandemic will be felt deeply for many years, but the experience has also led people to appreciate the difference that nature makes to our lives in a new way. Just by taking care of it, such as turning off the lights before leaving your room, closing the electrical appliances after use and bringing fluorescent or LED bulbs in maximum use, etc., can be an important step in saving electricity. This goal can be achieved only when more and more people understand its importance and in whatever way they can help. Renewable Resources: These resources are those that are naturally regenerated. It may be quite dated now but it’s not often that footage of a politician giving a power point presentation is made into a movie This was the speech that first alerted me to the importance of the environmental crisis facing the planet. We need to ensure that the use of the paper as much as is needed. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),it calculated that the percentage of endangered species as 40 percent of all organisms in 2008. It will no longer be the case that the UK can register a position as an outlier around the table during the development of a particular EU dossier, safe in the knowledge that a QMV voting system will always drive out something more nuanced. The crises facing wildlife around the world are of concern to many people. By admin on September 10, 2015 November 20, 2017 in Essay, Nature. Nature has given us many gifts such as air, water, land, sun, minerals, plants and animals. The oxygen we breathe, the water we drink all comes from nature “Nature can be conserved, restored and used sustainably while simultaneously meeting other global societal goals through urgent and concerted efforts fostering transformative change,” it … Limit the use of paper and encourage recycling. Hope these helpful ideas will sparkle your fantasy! google_ad_width = 300; More of regenerative, reusable and recyclable techniques must be used in manufacturing units, etc. About Us ◀▶ Our environment is a very crucial part of our lives. CPAWS applauds federal government’s commitment to nature conservation as part of Canada’s recovery September 23, 2020, OTTAWA, Ontario – The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) welcomes the federal government’s commitment in today’s Speech from the Throne to protect nature as part of Canada’s recovery from COVID-19.. Here are some ways which can have great benefits for human life: -. However, saving the environment doesn’t mean protecting only our immediate environment, but also our parks, forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries too. Content Guidelines ◀▶ Water should be used wisely if the water is not used properly, so the day is not too far when we get some water. Potential Resources: These are resources that are present in some areas but actually need to make some corrections before they can be used. Mineral and fossil fuels are some examples of this category. Therefore it is necessary to preserve these resources in order to maintain life and environment on Earth. Good morning everyone and all present here. Reserve Resource: The part of the actual resource that is successfully developed and used in the future is called Resource Resources. The paper is made from the tree. The system of recycling of water used in agricultural processes should be followed. To restrict the use of chemical fertilizers used in commercial cultivation, try making vegetables at home. The conservation of natural resources gives rise to a number of problems related to the three objectives of Unesco : education, science and culture. The Right and its nature. Apart from this, planting more and more plants is also very important. These results into environmental problems across the globe, creating issues such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, air pollution, river pollution due to the inflow of poisonous chemicals, waste materials, garbage, plastics, etc., global warming and weakening of ozone layer, diminution of underground water, oil and gas reserves and natural resources such as minerals, growth of poisonous gases, pollution, smog, etc. Without any of these, existence of human life on the earth would not be possible. By following the above methods, we can contribute to conservation of nature. But with that freedom comes new responsibilities. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Biological: These come from organic materials like live creatures and plants and animals. However, we need to understand that nature has given us immense amount of resources that we need. speech on protection of nature. Stop using excess of natural resources. Therefore protection of nature is very important. You should also use water wisely; turn off the tap immediately after use. Switch off the device, when not in use. In conclusion, in recent decades, our approach to environmental regulation, particularly in regards to nature and biodiversity, has been to protect what is left and to stem the tide of decline. Water is available in abundance on earth, so people do not think it is necessary to pay more attention to its reduced amount before using it. With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. There are renewable resources which can naturally occur again. Biological: This is the resource that arises from organic matter such as living beings, plants and animals. It is important for us to understand the importance of saving these two. In the end, spread the awareness about the importance of preserving nature as much as possible. When it comes to our new approach to the environment, we must have an appreciation of what worked in the EU in the past, and also what didn’t work. We achieve all these resources without the nature of any human intervention. E.g. Earth is our home and we have to love it. We should have fewer reports that say nothing new – but more new ideas that we should actually try. In fact, environment is what sustains us and where we breathe and live every moment. All these gifts given by nature help in creating a balanced environment and all these are suitable for the existence of man and the existence of other creatures on earth. We only need to be cautious and have control on our actions and we will surely end up at least reducing the bad effects and doing our part in saving the environment. Nature is an important and integral part of mankind. Here’s a shorter, 243-word version of the same essay with almost exactly the same ideas. This Government’s pledge is not only to stem the tide of loss, but to turn it around - to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. It is also necessary to limit the use of electricity to protect nature. Rather, it is a highly integrated, interdependent functioning system upon which all life forms, including the soil, water, plants, animals and humans depend for survival. Long before we joined the EU, the UK was a driving force in establishing other international conventions to help our natural environment. We, all human beings depend on nature every time and for everything. In earth are things humans needed but they destroy them and never worry about it. Here's a look at the natural resources on earth and ways to protect them: -. Preserving nature is important because the biodiversity of the planet, including the human race, is dependent upon properly functioning natural processes. It is our duty to protect the environment. It is the duty of every one of us to stop the waste of these gifts of nature and start using it wisely so that the ecological balance can be maintained on earth. In conclusion, in recent decades, our approach to environmental regulation, particularly in regards to nature and biodiversity, has been to protect what is left and to stem the tide of decline. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. Recycling should be mandatory. To help you with your exams, here you can find some essay on protection of nature for students in 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 words, Essay on nature conservation 1 (200 words) Protection of nature is basically the protection of resources like air, water, sun, land, vegetation, animal life and minerals. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has a Red List of environmentally threatened species with up-to-date information. We will shortly be launching the appointment campaign for the first Chair of the Office for Environmental Protection so that they will be in place to lead a new Public Body in 2021 – to scrutinise and assess progress towards these targets. Good Morning Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Friends! In order to preserve these resources, we must follow the following methods: Water and electricity are two such things that are the most wasted in today's time. Thus there is a need to preserve nature and protect natural resources provided by nature. Stock Processing: These are the resources on which surveys are used to get used but due to the lack of technology, so far can not be used. Speech on the Wildlife Conservation (654 Words) ... For protection of precious biodiversity, we must preserve wildlife. Add your answer and earn points. Being concerned about the environment can feel overwhelming, but there are actions that you can take to help preserve the natural world. Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Natural resources have been classified primarily in renewable resources and non-renewable resources. People can contribute towards reducing air pollution by using shared transport for travel and planning rainwater harvesting system for the protection of nature. The above mentioned measures are not very difficult to practice in a planned manner. Nature is our lifeline. Many of these natural resources are being used at a higher speed, whereas their production capacity is low. That is why limited use of electricity is suggested. Respected Principal, Respected Vice Principal, Respected Teachers and My Fellow Students! So we will shortly be publishing a paper that sets out our approach to setting long-term targets on biodiversity, waste, water, and air quality through the new Environment Bill, so they are established in time by October 2022. Where there is a will there is a way essay, Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life, Speech on Importance of Trees in our Lives, Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour, Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College. Instead we must learn to temper our own approach. All these gifts of nature make our planet a place to live. Read More Earth is our home and we have to love it. It includes minerals, water bodies, land, sunlight and environment, and also includes the protection of flora and fauna. Isn’t it simple? By adhering to the above mentioned methods, each person should contribute himself to the protection of nature.

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