A diploma must be followed by an associate or bachelor’s degree to enter the occupation, and a national licensing exam must also be passed. google_ad_client = "pub-5624662676499742"; [/h], I am still a prenursing student but I will chime in my two cents. google_color_text = "000000"; Speak to the MH nurses, get a feel of the working conditions. A licensed clinical social worker can make about the same. With a master’s degree, it only takes two years if coming from another field. Can anyone enlighten me more on the role of a nurse and social worker? Licensure – Social workers registered with the HCPC can practice in the industry, whereas not all case managers require one. Federal jobs have really good pension, continuous raises, and plenty of job choices. Nurses make great money. I'd go for social work. Starting salaries of around £18,500 are common. A medical social worker based in a nursing home can expect to make, on average between $45,000- … Following an adult nursing degree you could do an 18 month midwifery conversion, or a social work masters, or Frontline (like Teach First, but for social work). As a former social worker and MSW student I left social work specifically to attend nursing school. Social Work on the adults pathway. However, after you become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker it is easier to obtain federal jobs that pay really high. Has 35 years experience. And its a 'generic' social work degree, so if you decided you fancied trying your hand at children's social work, you could. In some ways different from nursing and physical therapy in that a social worker is involved with the whole person’s emotional,physical, and spiritual well being. Posted by. Yet they are not liked. I already have an MPA degree. The Average for Social Work is 50 thousand dollars a year, were as for Nursing its around 70 thousand dollars a year. Would mental health nursing be more geared to psychosocial health or would it be more medication management? I'm facing the same debate as you (and it's a never ending internal debate for me too)...so I may not be much help but I'll chime in anyway. Plus, I have to say that other professions do not have or have limited respect for us because our profession is based on liberal arts education and “soft skills”, whereas nursing is based on the “science & art” of caring for a patient or client. But Since you are already in a Nursing program I would advise you to finish it, try it out for a year or two and if you dont like it go on for your Masters in Social Work. Social worker salary. My wife is going to school for logistics, I refuse to be bringing in $50K as a Social Worker with a masters degree while she brings in $70,000 with a bachelors in supply chain/logistics. What are your strengths and your interests? Social workers also have continuing education requirements to be fulfilled in most states, though some states allow for all the ceu credits to be done online. I have done EXTENSIVE research as I want to work with mental health, and here is what I have found. Social Work vs Nursing (UK) Close. I have a MSW and I am transitioning into nursing for more opportunities for my career and financial stability! In the current economy, even LCSW's those who have a Masters and 2 years post masters have a difficult time finding work and substantial pay! I also really enjoy topics like psychosocial health. 1-612-816-8773. Thanks for your insights. Take eating disorder treatment for instance; nursing care is usually limited to inpatient programs in which nurses are responsible for 'medical' interventions (IV therapy, tube feeds, etc), dietitians manage nutritional status, and behavioral health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, etc) direct those services. By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. Which means that once qualified you can do either mh or sw. google_ad_channel =""; I work in close contact with our school student support and counseling team and many of student's psychosocial issues present to me as physical symptoms. Its ridiculous. Both nursing and social work as careers are rooted in the wish to help other people. I could do the same work, get paid better, and be treated better as a master's level nurse. I am also very much interested in working in the area of eating disorders. There are many disciplines within each career, and the choice may be difficult. Take a look around your local area on job boards, etc. Are there psychosocial nursing related positions? My local Uni does a Joint Practitioner degree which is a Social Work degree with Mental Health nursing. Comment by Kelly — April 26, 2011 @ 2:30 pm, Nursing Or Social Work Degree: Which One To Choose, Removing Kids From Home: Can Social Workers Take Kids Away, Selecting A Graduate Program For Social Work, University Of Pittsburgh School Of Social Work, University Of Wisconsin School Of Social Work, 3 CEU Credits Home Study Course on Yoga, Meditation and Breathing for Depression, Anxiety and Stress, Florida CEU Workshops Using Yoga and Meditation for Mental Health, Join Me on Facebook for Inspiration and Balance, columbia university school of social work, university of maryland school of social work. Specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life). Hi, I'm at college at the moment doing health and social care and considering doing either mental health nursing at uni, or social work to specialise in mental health after qualifying. In this article, the author addresses the importance of considering the interface of institutional, sociopolitical, and relational trauma in clinical social work practice. Even if you go into private practice, it will take you some time to gain your clientele and your business; in the meantime you have to take care of your needs! Where as with Nursing you can find work with an ASN Degree ( A lot of hospitals do want BSN Degrees, but in my area ASN is still accepted) Now you will take a huge cut in pay if you do social work. Subjects like sociology, psychology, criminology, economics, education, health, and political science are all essential to this field. Social work revolves around service, but is inherently interdisciplinary in nature. Nursing a great profession and you can take into any direction whether you want to do counseling or more medication management or both. Sounds like you would be great for mental health. I commend those of you who majored in both fields. google_ad_width = 336; A BSN taken in a college or university lasts for 4 years and an associate degree or ADN will last for 2 to 3 years. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. Both careers are so diverse that it is hard to generalize. Both nursing and social work as careers are rooted in the wish to help other people. Well, I'm a school nurse and definitely handle psychosocial health everyday. Particularly I found a passion in working with at risk youth. I will note that adult nursing is the most versatile of the three. The average salary for a social worker in the UK is £46,000, but there is great variation within that. I think for me being a social worker would be more rewarding than nursing because I don’t want to take anatomy and lots of science courses but am more interested in people’s emotional changes. If you're more interested in the psychosocial aspects of care, nursing probably is not the best fit. //-->. My Mum has had severe mental health problems since I was little and has been in and out of hospital and seen in the community which has made me want to help people in her situation. google_ad_height = 280; You can also become nationally certified and/or state certified (state requirement differ across states). A medical social worker based in a nursing home can expect to make, on average between $45,000- $50,000 per year, depending on location and experience. I never wanted to do nursing, due to the long shifts and having to deal with difficult doctors more closely. There are many disciplines within each career, and the choice may be difficult. The choice is difficult, especially with the responsibility of caring for sick people under strict scrutiny and supervision. Typically a registered nurse earns on average $65,000 per year, but some nurses can command salaries of nearly $100,000 per year. This can also lead to management positions and the ability to work overseas, for the federal government, with an increased cost of living allowance. Most social work careers, whether as a school social worker, medical or public health social worker, or a substance abuse or mental health social worker, pay around forty to fifty thousand a year with the MSW degree. I originally thought nursing and working as an eating disorder nurse or within the schools. Good luck to everyone. A social worker in a school may have to deal with difficult teenagers and try to solve problems due to poor home situations, antisocial behavior, depression, learning problems and possibly drug addiction. I have never heard of a school-based eating disorder service. Taking a master’s degree course will help you advance up the ladder and enable private practice options. Remember this is starting out. Nursing pays more, there is more career opportunity...you may have to pay your dues in an area you are not passionate about for awhile, but once you find your niche I think you may find it more rewarding...you can always volunteer at social services agencies on the side if you are very passionate about eating disorders and at risk youth. I love working with people. To be a school nurse, most districts require a BSN. As far as I'm aware, the option doesn't exist in reverse. Posted from TSR Mobile [h=1]I am currently in a nursing a program and it seems that so much of it is based on medications/pharmacology. Social work vs. counseling salary information can vary depending on the particular career, the setting, certifications, educational background, and experience level. Salary Outlook and Careers for Social Workers and Counselors. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners function in a very broad role, both directing behavioral health & medical care... but that will require at least Master's degree in nursing. A career in nursing starts out with a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or a diploma. Again, I'm proud to be a social worker. google_ad_type = "text"; u/vin9000. Now both professions help people. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Masters Counseling ($55K Average, slim jobs) Masters Psychology ($55K, slim jobs, some states wont even license this as therapist) Masters Social Work ($62K Average, Good job prospects) Masters Physician Studies - Psychiatric ($95K, GREAT job prospects, High Demand) Masters Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner ($115K, Highly Needed, GREAT job prospects, LA/NY may pay up to 200K)....So. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; I work in a community mental health team, work part time to fit around school times and is really flexible. google_ad_format = "336x280_as"; Not sure where Fisherpe was looking with a max salary of 50K for MSW, Indian Affairs, VA, and most organizations will start you OFF at 55K, with License, and I see jobs, however, it is true that you can do ANYTHING in Nursing, get much more PRESTIGE with your job title, respect from individuals, never ending job opportunities, schedules. Sounds like that could be a good fit. Nursing practice is holistic, but - outside of behavioral health environments, our focus is on physiology & counseling/therapeutic intervention is managed by other disciplines. What are the pros and benefits of both careers? allnurses is a Nursing Career, Support, and News Site. Just food for thought! Where as with Nursing you can find work with an ASN Degree ( A lot of hospitals do want BSN Degrees, but in my area ASN is still accepted) Now you will take a huge cut in pay if you do social work. I know someone who worked in a youth addition treatment centre. Social Work vs Nursing (UK) I'm writing this post on behalf of my beloved wife. Your current experience will do you well and it's much less stressful and family friendly than nursing or children social work. A diploma program is administered by hospitals and takes 3 years, but there are few hospitals that offer this course. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. There is a good deal of overlap with counseling vs. social work, and many professionals go back and forth between the two professions before making a decision. The social work profession occurs where individuals, communities, and society intersect. At times other professions treat and care for the individual at a moment in time. Three-quarters of social work jobs pay over £38,000. Mental health nursing is not what it looks like from the outside. She is struggling to choose between an MA for social work (1year) and PGDip for mental health nursing (2years). I love my job and will admit that I feel that it is kinda a blend between nursing and social work sometimes :). It sounds like a great idea, but currently, school districts are hard-pressed to even afford a qualified RN school nurse. Some states and employers also require that nurses continue their education to gain credits, so if you want to become an RN you will have to get used to learning throughout your career. Nursing vs. Social Work (the never ending internal debate), Huntington Hospital New Grad Residency Program (Pasadena, CA) 2021. There are accelerated bachelor’s degree programs if you wish to switch careers, and for those who already hold a BSN in another field may take as little as 12 months to complete. This can be challenging but also extremely rewarding to help someone evolve and make better choices during this critical time. But if I had the past ten years of education to do over, I'd be a nurse right now. Within nursing there are many different paths and you can really change the direction or specialty any time. As a whole, the number of social workers could increase by 13% from 2019-29, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). (I used Indeed.com for the averages). Id say volunteer or take up agency work as a mental health support worker for a month and then decide. To advance to a position such as a nurse-midwife or a nurse anesthetist will require a master’s degree. Those paid the most in the social work field generally have private practices or are those that teach social work at universities with the DSW degree. Yea..I want to help people, but I also want my kids to be able to go to the best schools, live in a nice neighborhood and enjoy nice things in life. Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac. This job requires a master’s degree plus some years experience in the field or another related area. 3. The higher your educational achievements, the more room for advancement there will be, and the outlook for employment for those wishing to enter the world of nursing is good. You will make at most 50k plus you will be limited in your scope of practice to just counseling folks with eating disorders instead of adding a "unique" niche to your craft by consulting on the physiology of what an eating disorder could result into like depression, body image, lack of nutrition etc.

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