Deep soil pits in the Mispah trial plots at Vaal River have shown that S. lancea is capable of developing a deep root system below 3 m from the surface, a very useful attribute in trees established to utilize groundwater. N. floribunda is frost tender and has moderate tolerance to drought. Birds eat the berries and many butterflies breed on Searsia species, the Foxtrot Copper, Samba Copper, Burnished Copper, Common Hairtail and Pearl Charaxes. The Fruit is edible and intoxicating liquor can be made from it. This is a willowy evergreen small to medium-sized tree, 4 to 9 m tall, forming a neat crown of gracefully drooping branches. Schmidt, Richard J. Anacardiaceae,, Joffe, Pitta. The leaves are trifoliate, narrowly lance-shaped with entire margins, and a fresh light green on both surfaces. They have also been used to brew a kind of beer. Glenice Ebedes says: 6th October 2018 at 1:58 pm The pliant slender stems of Searsia pendulina were used to build fish traps, baskets, and whips, and the stronger stems for the framework of matjieshuise (mat houses) and strong, flexible bows. In the wild it grows on the banks of rivers and vleis and is confined to a narrow strip that follows the Orange River, from the Free State through the Northern Cape, to southern Namibia. Codd, L.E. Searsia pendulina is wind and drought resistant and has a pleasing, slightly drooping effect, somewhat similar to a weeping willow. Hi Glenice, we planted 2 Searsia trees in our garde, might be pendulina, they are the smaller variety. The drought has taught us that trees can really stand the test of time and adapt to challenge the sometimes harsh elements. 2002 Trees of Southern Africa, Third edition. There are already a number of milkwood trees (Sideroxylon inerme) growing amongst the shrubbery, and quite a few of the large shrubs like Brachylaena discolor (‘kusvaalbos’), Searsia pendulina (White karee), and even Tarchonanthus camphoratus (camphor bush) could be pruned up into trees. Low Watering. Searsia pendulina 2000-litres. Frost Hardy. The worst offending Searsia is S. pyroides, the fire thorn, that may cause a burning sensation if a twig pricks or scratches you. As a mass planting around dams and waterways (where the tree occurs naturally), the S.pendulina creates a wonderful show of lush greenery, it also forms a highly effective windbreak when planted in rows along the boundaries of larger properties. National Botanical Institute, Pretoria . They were formerly thought to be a clade comp Trees are monoec… Mature Searsia pendulina avenue Any other ideas will be appreciated. Terrestrial: Assessment History. Resin canals are present and woolly stellate hairs cover all young parts. The species is protected in the Northern Cape. The tree is naturally found in semi-desert areas stretching from Namibia to the Free State and Orange River regions to … Most of the species grown in southern Africa, belonging to the genus Rhus, have been placed in Searsia.In southern Africa there are about 111 species of Searsia. Germishuizen, G. & Meyer, N.L. It grows on the banks of rivers and vleis and is confined to a narrow strip that follows the Orange River, from the Free State through the Northern Cape, to southern Namibia. It won't get too big and it's not untidy. Most of the species grown in southern Africa, belonging to the genus Rhus, have been placed in Searsia. It does not have an aggressive root system. Strelitzia 14. It can reach a height of up to 10 metres but usually only reaches 6 to 8 metres height, with a spread of about 5 metres. They however have a non-aggressive root system. Rhus pendulina) has an attractive growth habit, and the 5m-tall karee (Searsia lancea syn. is ideal for small gardens due to its quick growth, non-invasive root system, and tidy and easy to maintain habit. Struik Publishers, Cape Town. 1977 Rhus viminalis: a plea for greater popularity, Veld & Flora 63(4):18-19. Searsia pendulina 1000-litres. Name changes in the Old World Rhus and recognition of Searsia (Anacardiaceae). It is also a good 'bird tree', providing food and shelter. capensis on the banks of rivers and vleis in a narrow strip that follows the Orange/Gariep River from the Free State through the Northern Cape to southern Namibia. The root system is non-invasive making this tree suitable for planting next to paved areas and buildings. Searsia pendulina is an excellent choice for the water garden - it can be planted on river and stream banks, beside ponds and dams. As with most trees they should not be planted very near to paving, swimming pools, pipes or walls, as their fast growth may quickly affect these. 1966 Common Names of South African Plants. We are fortunate that our Karee trees do not share the same chemical characteristics as their American cousins. Searsia pendulina 2000-litres. Dept. White karee (Searsia pendulina syn. The white karee (Rhus or Searsia pendulina) is a hardy evergreen that also grows quickly once established. Use it instead of the exotic willows. This willow-like small-medium size tree is ideal for small gardens as it grows quickly, has a non-invasive root system, is tidy and easy to maintain. Not registered yet? The 6m-tall white karee (Searsia pendulina syn. With its ease in cultivation, unagressive roots and graceful willowy crown, Searsia pendulina is a good choice for the suburban garden. Root system architecture (RSA), the distribution of roots in soil, plays a major role in plant survival. Moffett, R.O. Low Watering – Requires Little Water. No major pest or disease concerns. Both grew vigorously to about 5-6 m high with a dense crown. Searsia lancea does not have an aggressive root system and can be used near paving and tarred surfaces, hence they are often used in parking lots for shade. Plant a tree for arbour month. Searsia pendulina grows fast, withstands the wind and summer drought that Cape Town gardeners have to contend with, forms a sizeable tree after only a few years, casting shade and breaking the wind. The wood has a reputation for toughness and durability and has been used for fencing poles, kerries and handles, brake blocks and for general waggon repair work, although the pieces cut are seldom long enough for planks. Moffett, M.W., Bothalia 37: 171 2007. Searsia pendulina (Rhus pendulina) Searsia pendulina (Rhus pendulina) Quantity . They are eaten raw, soaked in milk, mixed with curdled milk or cooked as a kind of porridge. The flowering plants , also known as angiosperms , Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta , are the most diverse group of land plants, with 416 families, approximately 13,164 known genera and c. 369,000 known species. It is widely used in South Africa as a pavement and garden tree, as it propagates easily, grows fast and flourishes in full sun. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The bark is pale and smooth, becoming flaky with age. Plant Care: Full Sun. We learn from our experiences and there are many lessons we have learned over the many challenging years in our trade. The sprays of inconspicuous flowers (male and female flowers on separate plants, therefore only female plants bear fruit) that attract insects are borne from September to January These are followed by bunches of fruit that attract birds. Searsia pendulina 250-litres. It is the food plant for the Charaxes butterfly.It has non-aggressive roots, is frost hardy, drought resistant and fast growing. Rhus/Searsia lancea & pendulina – Karee and white karee (6-7m H x 6m W) The crown of these two evergreen trees is of a drooping slightly willow like habit, and this tree has drooping olive green foliage. It is not invasive and makes an excellent shade tree. Not suited to plant close to buildings,[2] nor to park underneath, due to a very fine powder which can cause staining. The fruit is edible and will entice birds to the garden. 2003 Plants of southern Africa : an annotated checklist. There are about 91 taxa of Searsia in southern Africa. They however have a non-aggressive root system. Annual sap flow in deciduous Searsia pendulina trees was estimated to be 591 mm. Searsia pendulina 250L. Searsia pendulina is wind and drought resistant and has a pleasing, slightly drooping effect, somewhat similar to a weeping willow.

searsia pendulina root system

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