Don’t feel bad if you missed it. 132 vehicles were destroyed in the making of this film, and a further 518 were badly damaged. When all was said and done, this production crashed over 150 cars on film, setting the Guinness World Record in the process. When Halicki clipped a car at 100mph he ended up in hospital after colliding with a lamp post. For the 1980 film’s main chase, 60 police cars were bought for $400 a piece, and outfitted with reinforced chassis. Here’s a few movies that destroyed dozens, even hundreds of cars. 2 / 21 Aston Martin DBS driven by Bond in the film by Karen Roe (CC BY) 'Casino Royale' | Aston Martin DBS The Junkman is the crashiest film you’ve never heard of. This number was chosen in order to surpass the previous record held by “The Blues Brothers” of 103. "Fast and Furious 5" ranks third with 260 cars destroyed. If you include the four films that came before it, over 900 vehicles have been destroyed in the Fast and Furious franchise, working out to about one car for every 37 seconds of film. In order to find enough Plymouth Furys for the movie, the film-makers placed ads across the country to buy 23 1958 Plymouths, only sixteen were used for filming; seven were used for parts. So without further ado, here are the most destructive, crash-happy films in Hollywood history! Anywho, the men and women behind Matrix Reloaded managed to write-off a massive 300 cars loaned to them by General Motors. If you were to ask a group of gear heads what the best car movie of all time is, they’re probably going… Director John Frankenheimer, himself a former amateur racing driver, enlisted the help of former Formula One driver Jean-Pierre Jarier and an additional 300 stunt drivers to film Ronin’s pivotal car chase through the streets of Paris. 308 views 5. After seeing your website, I thought I’d get in touch as this would appear to be the type of piece that would interest you and your audience. I also understand that with a movie budget of let's say $60M they can well afford crashing a few lambo's. And that film set records for its time, crashing 93 cars in production. Actually, it's uncommon to see luxury or exotic automobiles destroyed in films. Many of the bystanders were members of the public, and some of the crashes were completely unscripted. Lots of ’em! The infographic covers supercars, iconic cars, homemade replicas and, of course, The Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Batman films. Sources have reported that they destroyed 12, 1958 Fury’s in the making of the film Christine. These are the top five most wrecked cars that people are still driving. 1920 Pierce-Arrow. 15% of the movie’s entire budget was spent just on the cars. Car accidents may be an inevitable part of our daily lives, but some cars and trucks are more likely to be involved in crashes than others. Maybe blowing stuff up isn’t as exciting as we once thought…. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra was never likely to receive many awards from critics. Blues Brothers held the record for the most cars smashed until its own sequel deliberately destroyed just one more. Wow, these drivers should consider buying a new vehicle! $200k+) being completely totaled during action. But those two movies combined still didn’t destroy as many vehicles as the filming of Fast Five did, with around 260 cars, trucks, and other vehicles wrecked. 1956 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta. Injured and trapped inside, with no memory of how he got there or who he is, he must rely on his most primal instincts to survive. A man awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. Man, does he have some bad luck. The movie is famous for one of the most intense car chases ever filmed. Joe characters they remember from childhood, and car crashes. I can imagine that some scenes are not CGI because they look overly natural. Conversely, the top 10 least accident-prone vehicles are: 10. And last of all a Movie due out 2011… It just is. Back in 1920, the Pierce-Arrow was a luxurious car that only a few privileged … by Micah Wright on October 8, 2019. 8. It was a Datsun 240z. This is mainly due to the costs of such vehicles, as well as the costs involved with creating models and mockups of those vehicles. "To Live and Die in L.A." (1985) Legend has it that director William Friedkin was driving home from a … This film is the one most film buffs believe holds the record. Get a servicing! Imagine how much better some of Hollywood’s most classic films would have been with more car chases. If you think smashing up 1,500++ cars is crazy, wait 'til you see some of the most expensive cars the 'Fast and Furious' movies have wrecked so far: Note: Some car models featured in the films may not be actual units of said models. For the rev of a high-performance engine, mixed with the  massive shot of adrenaline you crave, you need automotive Armageddon. As one of the lowest-rated films of 2009, this franchise-launching actioner packed in exactly what its fans wanted: the G.I. All 300 were wrecked by the end.”. One just costs as much as a small country. The Ferrari will set you back (count the zeros) $10,894,900. Get real! So, they make compromises to trick the audience into thinking these ultra-expensive and rare cars are being wrecked. Combined, the seven movies have crashed, smashed, exploded, ignited, crushed and otherwise wrecked a massive 1,487 cars. It was one of the most horrific-looking movie vehicles to grace the screens, … This feat was exceeded two years later, when 150 cars (and a plane) were crashed for H.B. “The Blues Brothers 2000” holds the record at 104 cars destroyed in a single movie. So when movie guys get huge budgets and a car chase scene to shoot, sometimes they get a bit carried away. A good script? £7.2m. With a tiny $150,000 budget, the original Gone In 60 Seconds has since grossed more than $40million worldwide. Halicki’s The Junkman (1982). 260 of those cars were destroyed in, Fast Five. How about speed, destruction and a few well-placed explosions? Bullitt - More than 80 cars destroyed Bullitt is a 1968 American thriller directed by Peter Yates and stars Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset. Huge 'Jason Bourne' chase scene wrecked this many cars. This statistic shows leading movie productions with the highest number of cars destroyed. Matrix Reloaded (2003) - 300 cars destroyed. You can view the graphic here: The entire film is available on YouTube! Fast & Furious 6 currently holds the crown, with 350 cars destroyed. Released: 1968. The iconic Mustang reached speeds of over 100mph during filming, sometimes even with Steve McQueen himself behind the wheel. After watching a few of our favorite films, Hollywood directors are going to hope they have a collision repair technician on set at all times! Many action movies show super cars (i.e. Directed by Michael Greenspan. G.I. Instead, replicas were built by the manufacturers or … For the most part, we’re only picking one car per film. (11 photos) Riddled with continuity errors it may be - the bad guy’s Charger loses five wheel caps over the course of the chase - Bullitt’s car chase is widely considered to be among the very best ever produced. Here are the movies that destroyed the most cars, the numbers here are astonishing! The bill? 888-881-8140, Top 3 Most Destructive, Car-Destroying Films In Movie History,,, High Performance Engine Technician Training. With Adrien Brody, Caroline Dhavernas, Ryan Robbins, Adrian G. Griffiths. These are the most expensive cars to insure . Around 400 cars were used in the making of Fast and Furious 6, with few surviving. In 2012, this incredible Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta sold for … Here’s the good news (and a movie spoiler). If you are like us, car chases and automotive carnage keep you on the edge of your seat. The car that took the fall was not a Ferrari. Over 20 cars bit the dust in this epic crash scene. ... the Green Goblin truck — a White-Western Star 4800 Semi — was taken to a salvage yard, as the jaw, lower teeth, tongue, and tops of the Goblin’s ears had all been badly damaged. The Matrix Reloaded was the most destructive movie of the bunch, with 300 cars wrecked Gone in 60 Seconds included the longest chase, clocking in at 40 minutes Furious 7 … A total of 14 cars were wrecked during the filming of Mad Max, most of these were decommissioned Police vehicles that were heavily modified. 114 Pickering Way, Exton, PA 19341 Alas, 25 years after John McClane first entered the Nakatomi Plaza, we find ourselves talking about the fifth, and worst, Die Hard movie to date. As sequels tend to do, The Junkman felt the need to dial up the wreckage a notch from the first film. But we all know the real star of the movie is the legendary Mach 5. This film crashed 20 cars and a boat in its first 4 minutes! A man wakes in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive. This reboot smashed the record set by its predecessor (a car-smashing champion in its own right) destroying 103 cars, and giving artists like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, BB King, Bo Didley, Dr. John and Erykah Badu a place on the big screen–when it is not filled with car crashes that is! A couple of quick notes before we get started. Mini Cooper Convertible, 57. Ford F-250 SuperCab, 55. Take a tour of Automotive Training Center's campuses in PA and hear testimonials from recent graduates, and employers who have hired ATC graduates. A world record 103 cars were wrecked during filming. From silent-era comedies to modern blockbusters, Hollywood has gleefully destroyed some of the most collectible and luxious cars ever built. Wanna see it? "The Junkman (1982)" broke the record 2 years later, wrecking 150 cars and a plane.That record held for 2 decades, until over 300 cars were wrecked during the filming of "The Matrix Reloaded (2003)." These factors can drive insurance premiums sky high. Christine. 888-321-8992, 900 Johnsville Blvd, Warminster, PA 18974 As one … A man wakes in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive. H.B Halicki produced, starred in and directed the film, and it was he who drove “Eleanor” (the ‘73 Mustang) throughout the chase scene. ... "I have always wanted to take a building that was going to be demolished and use that in the movie… For program disclosure information, please go to 103 cars destroyed in the 1980 film, 104 cars destroyed in Blues Brothers 2000. The cars had been donated to director Michael Bay because they were flood damaged, and therefore needed to be scrapped by law anyway. But Gone In 60 Seconds looks like your typical morning commute compared to The Junkman. The whole thing is available on YouTube! After 40 years, the Mach 5 makes the jump from animation to the big screen, and to celebrate, we’re counting down the most memorable cars of all time. Clearly unflustered by the prospect of damaging their … Nissan Xterra, 57. Known only to car movie aficionados and people who had their antennae fully up in 1982, The Junkman was the sequel to the classic Gone In 60 Seconds. 9. Con Air – 1967 Corvette Sting Ray. If ever there was a movie that didn’t need a sequel, let alone four, it was Die Hard. Many of the cars (60) were former police cars. Before Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie had their turn, this classic rocked the screen, making car wrecks an art form way back in 1974. (Image source: The 1967 Corvette Sting Ray … According to IMDB, The Matri Reloaded almost doubled the record set by the Junkman: “103 cars were wrecked during filming, a world record at that time. We hope you love it enough to republish it on the site, we’ve added some easy embed codes which you can just copy and paste in to add it on a page. Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. That record in turn held for two decades, until over 300 cars were wrecked during the filming of The Matrix Reloaded (2003)… GM donated 300 cars for use in the production of the movie. Joe (2009) Joe: Rise Of The Cobra was never likely to receive many awards from critics. G.I. Certain cars are more likely to be involved in an accident, while others cost a lot of money to fix. Also if you have any feedback or comments that would also be very helpful. Acting? Most of the cars were unsalvageable by the time filming was over. Between them, these eleven films have destroyed 1946 cars... Everyone knows breaking stuff is fun. Keen to eclipse the record he set with Gone in 60 Seconds, H.B Halicki reportedly killed more than 150 vehicles making Junkman. I have put together an infographic to celebrate the most awesome movie cars that you can actually drive. The shot was left in the film. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Technically, every one of the 532 cars “destroyed” in the making of Transformers 3 was already fit for the scrapheap. With 113 car crashes, it is certainly an admirable runner-up. The result was an epic eight-minute sequence that deserves its spot in the car chase hall of fame. We hadn’t, until about 10 minutes ago. It was based on the 1963 novel: Mute Witness. But there was only every 1 Interceptor built for this Movie. 25 Most Memorable Cars From Movies. What three elements make a great movie? G.I Joe now holds the record for most cars destroyed at 112 In an interview in Top Gear (July 19, 2009), Sienna Miller, said 112 cars were destroyed during filming. Directing? An awful film by all accounts, yet G.I.Joe once held the record for the most cars destroyed during a movie, beating Blues Brothers 2000 by eight cars. 7. Bryan Alexander. All told, more than 1000 cars have been destroyed since the very first movie, The Fast and The Furious - that’s more than one every minute. Ironically, both are rare muscle cars.

most cars wrecked in a movie

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