Pit Boss Lexington 500 sq. The oven is not only a fun and useful tool to use it is good looking also. The portable pizza oven Maximus will be your best friend on any ourdoor trip and at home: this light weight pizza oven is easily carried by two people and fits in the trunk of your car. But in your Q&A here you state the stainless steel is 316 which is a better grade. The Maximus Prime can be used either way and is a super oven. Explore a wood fired brick hearth. It was a great experience and the outstanding customer service should be modeled by all companies. This version has a black finish. Very happy with oven and how project turned out. $2,700.00. Item #M41400040 $2,400.00 Provincial Outdoor Wood Burning Oven - 42" by Minnesota Specialty Concrete. Enjoy your new oven! 30 Day Easy Returns! Order yours at the link below! The oven actually sits up an inch off the bottom so you won't have to worry about the bottom getting hot (and it has a ceramic fire blanket insulating the bottom anyway). The 316 Stainless Steel is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion so it really holds up for keeping your oven in good condition despite the weather. The Maximus pizza oven is a wood-fired pizza kiln perfectly designed for your backyard. The Maximus pizza oven is a fantastic option if you are looking for an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven that can not only deliver mouth-watering pizzas but also handle meats, bread and literally anything that you wish to throw at it. It has become the centerpiece to my Backyard Kitchen. Hydration was approximately 65%. So, what are you waiting for? Don't let the cuteness of the Maximus Outdoor Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven distract you from its pizza-making capabilities. Can I use Maximus Prime Large Pizza Oven for baking bread? It weighs only 60kg and fits in the back For commercial ovens certified for indoor commercial use, you may need to look at the ovens found here:  https://www.patioandpizza.com/collections/installation_commercial, Does the red exterior fade or loose its color due to heat Cumberland, RI, So after several weeks of email Pam about which oven I should get, I finally pulled the trigger on the Maximus Prime. We are happy that you are enjoying your new oven! Become a Patio & Pizza Insider and you'll get cooking tips, new product notifications, the latest recipes, and exclusive specials! We have had a lot of fun already with it. The Maximus is made of stainless steel and aluminium and it is tunnel shaped. How hot does the outside get, dome and bottom. While the oven can withstand a fire of 900 degrees, it’s usually way too hot to cook at that temperature for most customers. Here's another video showing a couple of pizzas cooking in the Maximus Prime oven. Fires easy, heats fast, stays hot and cooks a mean pizza! Its the ultimate party facilitation device! We've found that our Maximus Prime Pizza Oven (old style above) creates a family cooking atmosphere because, unlike a grill that involves one person doing all the cooking, this large pizza oven lets all family members get involved from firing up the oven to food preparation to cooking delicious meals. If the item shows as out of stock, it may be seasonal or on its way. Our oven has been a BIG hit with family and friends. Delivery was good and the customer service was great. Pizza in less than 5 minutes\nI just finished my oven. If you still don't feel confident ordering from us, give us a call at 888-671-2342 or contact us here and let's talk through your concerns! Philadelphia, PA - Wood Fired Pizza has a unique flavor – Only a wood-fired brick pizza oven can create that smoky flavor that cannot be reproduced in a normal kitchen oven. They can be found here: https://www.patioandpizza.com/products/maximus-arena-wood-fired-oven-authentic-pizza-ovens?variant=8114924322921. We also have quite a few customers using this oven in food trucks and in restaurants. $1,250.00 $ 1,250. We are always happy to help. Do you sell the smaller version of the Maximus wood fire over, We do sell the Maximus Arena Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven (Red: SKU:APO-MAXR, Black: SKU: APO-MAXB) which, at 130 lbs, is portable and great to take camping or tailgating! I also received information about the shipping. There is 5" from the bottom of the oven to the floor base. This super cool, modern, wood-fired pizza oven is handmade in Portugal. How high will the temperature go and how long does it sustain it? Thank you again! **BACK IN STOCK EARLY DECEMBER. That is why heating it up takes around 1 hour or more, depending on the wood. After talking with your company, I started misting the oven just before/after loading in the bread.That made a huge difference in crust development! If you don't have a cover, you can find the Prime Oven Cover here that fits snugly over the oven and secures with a pull tie. Thank you for the lovely review Bryan! $36.05 shipping. :-) WE LOVE THE OVEN, cured and already used it too…it is the best! At a manageable weight of only 300 pounds, this is the perfect commercial pizza oven for mobile food truck businesses, caterers, pizza parties, small restaurant businesses, backyard birthday parties, corporate events, trailers, and fairs. Also, for reference, here is a video showing bread being baked in the smaller Maximus oven:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJn6nfkM6tE. In a brick oven the bricks first absorb the heat and then radiate it. Summerset Outdoor LP/NG Freestanding Pizza Oven, Chicago Brick Oven 750 Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit. in. We owned a pizzeria for 40 years and now we enjoy making pizza at home. The pizza oven Maximus is produced in Portugal and is an excellent example of a lightweight and portable wood-fired oven. Attached are pictures of the pizza oven in our outdoor kitchen at our community center. It’s an amazing oven also designed to small and medium restaurants that have no relevant experience working with Pizza Market. John. What's the floor size of the brick ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens? The outer wall is Aluminum and the inner wall is Stainless Steel (double wall) containing a high temperature special ceramic blanket. Cowboy Wok Disco Cooking Disk Discada 24 Inches with Rim Brand New Disco Discada. is the oven weather proof? So far we've cooked pizzas, asparagus, squash, peach cobbler, and even roasted some marshmellows in there! We used this method when moving the Prime oven to our own base. A brick pizza oven holds the heat for a long time hence why they are so popular. Happy Birthday to me! The Pizza Wagon Catering Company, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured business that operates out of a licensed commercial commissary. Here's a photo of our Chicago Brick Oven. Our place has become the party place! You can put enough wood in the oven to turn it into a fire much hotter than you’d ever need but, at some point, you’ll start burning up your oven. brick oven wood-fired pizza. We score 4.9 out of 5 based on 414 reviews! Be our guest and find here the best wood fired ovens and BBQs on the market! Step by step of one of our customers cooking a pizza in our Maximus Wood Fired Pizza Oven!! 316 grade stainless steel is used for the inside of the Maximus Prime large Pizza Oven; 315 grade is used for the outside of this oven. Wow! We wouldn't have considered any other oven than a CBO! Excellent follow through after my credicard was declined and until I was able to complete the order. I absolutely love my Chicago Brick Oven! Wood-Fired cooking creates a delicious flavor and is way more fun than grilling because the whole family gets involved! We don't like wasting good heat in our wood-burning ovens so after the pizzas are cooked, we often throw in a good breakfast casserole in preparation for the following morning! It has become the centerpiece of our backyard. Can’t wait to try breads and other dishes! We’ve really enjoyed trying it out! FRANKLIN'S TABLE pickup . The base filled with Rockwood insulation is approximately 2.5" so the bricks are around 2.5" thick as well. Unlike a brick oven, a stainless steel pizza oven heats up in 30-45 minutes so you can fire it up after work and be ready for cooking before you finish your first glass of wine. I love it and pizza comes out great in less than 5 minutes. Once your oven arrives at the local terminal, you should get a call from the freight company to schedule the actual delivery. She was very prompt with responding to any questions I had. This wood burning pizza oven heats well and maintains a hot temperature allowing us to cook pizzas all night. i am considering installing it on the patio and exposed to the elements. The flame roll looks magnificent at night and is the center piece of our backyard. The Prime Pizza Oven ships from our warehouse in Arizona so depending on where you live, the delivery time could be 1 - 7 days. Thanks for a great product! I'm very happy with everything, including delivery! Maximus Wood Fired Pizza Oven Description from the vendor: The outer wall is aluminum, the inner wall is stainless steel. Pam in customer service was a great help with everything! Don't be fooled by the chimney at the back of the oven. We do offer a cover for this very purpose, our Pizza Oven Cover - Prime Large Pizza Oven Cover (SKU: APO-COVER100) which protects your investment and looks great while doing so! I was so excited to come home and unpackage my oven. How much wood is needed to achieve 850-900 degrees F? Easy to setup and first pizzas were fantastic! Only 1 left! Average cook time down to 90 seconds! I would recommend them to anyone. Stainless Steel is superior due to its resistance to salt and sea corrosion. You can easily put it in your truck and take it camping or for a picnic. We love it! HANDMADE WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN – The Maximus Black is a beautifully designed Authentic Pizza Oven handmade in Portugal; bring the taste of Europe home with your very own traditional outdoor pizza oven. Item #46600072 Starting at. The interior walls of the Prime oven are made of 316 Stainless Steel and the outside of Aluminum. We love our wood fires pizza oven. They can be found here: https://www.patioandpizza.com/products/maximus-arena-wood-fired-oven-authentic-pizza-ovens?variant=8114924322921. Please call 877.812.1137 To Order and Check Availability. Maximus Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Even though internal temsp are much, much, higher, because of the way it is insulated, the outside of the Maximus Prime Large Pizza Oven is cool enough that you can place a hand on it. A wood-fired brick oven uses a small fire to heat a large solid oven. Made in Portugal, this oven is ideal for cooking pizza, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, and other dishes that suit woodfired flavours. We were able to cook our first pizza within 4 hours of delivery! Pizza in less than 5 minutes\nI just finished my oven. To sum up, Pizza Party 70×70 is the first real portable wood-fired pizza oven. You can’t go wrong - optimize your business with this economical oven. The best part…I can now cook my Famous Neapolitan Tomato and Sausage Pie in my CBO instead of a conventional oven! Chef Hubby on the far right “Body By Bacon” shirt! We have numerous customers using the Prime on trailers and in food trucks. I am so happy and pleased with the support I received and can’t thank all that helped (Pam) with the many questions and special requests I had. If you still don't feel confident ordering from us, give us a call at, You Only Need XX to Qualify For Free Shipping, 10% OFF ELECTRIC FIREPLACES (Use Code: FIRE10), FREE SHIPPING & LIFT-GATE ON ORDERS OVER $500, read our review of the Prime Wood Fired Oven here, https://www.patioandpizza.com/products/maximus-arena-wood-fired-oven-authentic-pizza-ovens?variant=8114924322921, https://www.patioandpizza.com/collections/installation_commercial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJn6nfkM6tE, Front: Cast stone in refractory cement (Lafarge) and inside structure made with forged iron to reinforce the cast stone, Shipped securely in a custom box inside a wood crate, Removable Stainless Chimney with Valve and Cap - directs smoke up and away from you; cap protects your oven from dew and rain. All Rights Reserved. the right words to express my thanks to all the great people that work at Patio and Pizza. I would recommend this product and company to everyone who enjoys making pizza at home. Desenvolvido por, Black Maximus Arena With Atlas Black Stand, Outdoor Pizza Oven Red Maximus Prime Arena With Black Stand, Outdoor Pizza Oven Red Maximus-Welt Black Stand, Oven Maximus Black With Atlas Black Stand, Pizza Oven Black Maximus Prime With Black Stand. These pizza ovens sell out quickly so order your Prime Pizza Oven now (red or black) to ensure you get one before they are gone! Been using it every weekend since it was installed. After ordering the oven I received a call from customer service to make sure they understood my delivery instructions. Fireplace Gardens is the local expert to design and build top quality wood-fired pizza and bread ovens for residential living spaces. Get the larger size if you are choosing between larger or smaller! Feels like we are on vacation in backyard... We couldn’t be happier than we are with ourMaximus Prime pizza oven. This smart oven is capable of 30 medium pizzas an hour or you can cook anything you like in it, to get that authentic wood-fired flavour. My husband and I purchased a pizza oven last month and love it. However, if you need to have an oven that is UL-listed for indoor commercial use, this oven does not have that certification. The company was very good about letting us know what to expect and they did not disappoint. It was shipped quickly and arrived in good shape. Why is it so popular? We have baked bread in our Maximus Prime Large Oven many times. Authentic Pizza Ovens ,Red Wood Fire Oven- Maximus. The Maximus Arena is a handcrafted modern lightweight wood-fired Napoli pizza oven from Portugal. Thanks for the great review and wonderful pictures Dennis! is the oven weather proof? Love it! So excited to have the whole season ahead of us! I need to order this oven ahead of time to build the frame of where it’s going to be, how will we get help on lifting it when it’s ready to be dropped. Can the Prime Pizza Oven be installed on a trailer? Great question! Not just pizza but this oven can cook meat, bread and … We’ve roasted a chicken and veggies, had some pizza & calzone and tonight we cooked porterhouse steaks with baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. Chicago Brick Oven 500 | Wood Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit. The Maximus oven is a state-of-the-art design wood-fired pizza oven made in Portugal, (not China) with quality refractory materials, weighing just 55kg. Permanent location at … For a limited time, when you buy the Prime Portable Pizza Oven, get a FREE 12" Metal Turning Peel and Clay Roasting Pan (14.5″ x 10″ x 3″) - great for dishes such as chicken, beef, fish, veggies, bread and so much more! Attached are pictures of the pizza oven in our outdoor kitchen at our community center. Delivered and set up safe and sound – it was a feat – but we got it! $295.00 shipping. So happy with this purchase. Thanks again. If the Prime model is too big, take a look at the smaller wood fired oven from Portugal, the Maximus pizza oven. 00. Love mastering new recipes in my wood fired oven. 300lbs - Very portable (with strong friends) or remove the inside tiles during relocation to decrease by around 100 lbs - perfect for catering and tailgating! This is a great oven! Our oven has been a BIG hit with family and friends. HANDMADE WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN – The Maximus Black is a beautifully designed Authentic Pizza Oven handmade in Portugal; bring the taste of Europe home with your very own traditional outdoor pizza oven. The oven is insulated by a ceramic blanket between the layers. We made our first pizzas this past weekend and they were fantastic. Most definitely! Mastered break-making! Finished in a Portuguese red brick, that has been approved to be toxin-safe even when heated, the look of this oven is sure to be a real talking point on those … So, what are you waiting for? It’s an amazing oven also designed to small and medium restaurants that have no relevant experience working with Pizza Market. The bright red or black colors give this oven a modern and sleek look. This ceiling directs the fire/heat from the back of the oven to the front of the oven and then up through a ceiling opening that goes back to the chimney. Wish I ordered it sooner. We would love to see pictures of it! The Maximus Primes are very popular ovens and, as far as we know, we've never had anyone complain about the red color fading or losing its color. I received my oven about a week after ordering and we really love it! Wood fired outdoor pizza ovens deliver a crisp crust with a soft chewy interior and a pie full of flame-cooked yumminess. This super cool, modern, wood-fired pizza oven is handmade in Portugal. Bryan & Robin Feather How long will it take to have my Prime pizza oven delivered? Notify me with product price and availability: I agree to subscribe to updates from Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings - Privacy Policy. The Maximus Prime ARENA is the upgraded style that has a slate front look rather than the traditional brick look. Outdoor Bread Ovens Wood Burning Here is the top rated choice of other clients getting products related to outdoor bread ovens wood burning. The walls of the Prime wood-fired oven are double walls with a high-temperature special ceramic blanket within the walls. Delivered and set up safe and sound – it was a feat – but we got it! The Maximus Arena wood-fired pizza oven is of great quality at a fantastic price: Handmade in Portugal - as authentic as you can get! I followed the delivery notes provided by the trucking company and as fate would have it I was stuck in the doctor’s office at the time of the delivery. Pitruco is a brick oven pizza place specializing in 12” Neopolitan style personal-sized pizzas made from scratch to order. I went with the 750 and it's perfect for our family. The larger cooking floor fits up to 5-6 pizza pies at a time and they will cook to perfection in less than 2 minutes. Scroll . Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times. However, the refractory bricks that make up the oven floor can be easily removed. Does this oven have to be vented outside if you use it in a restaurant or can you just set it under the hood system? Very happy and as I said easier than ordering from Italy. Cooks pizzas in under 2 minutes (even the kids can wait that long!). Lariele Wood Fired Square Pie, has opened its doors and brought the taste of Old World cooking to the home of Media, PA. Fresh ingredients and unique topping combinations = Delicious Wood Fired Pizza. Either way, you'll find a pizza oven that's just right! We are pleased to know that you are enjoying your new pizza oven! The Prime would work perfectly bolted on a trailer because it has 3 rails underneath. Til' our next transaction. All rights reserved. If you don't have a cover, you can. We personally use this wood-fired oven and LOVE IT! Great question! We love our new pizza oven. Here's a video of a scrumptious southwestern breakfast casserole complete with eggs, cheese, and salsa! Making Neapolitan Style Pizza Using the Maximus Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Up to 150 10" pizzas per hour (just think of the pizza orders you could fill)!. The outer layer consists of Aluminum, the inner layer of stainless steel. We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. It looks absolutely perfect and we are very happy with it!\n\nThanks for working with me in ordering this and having it delivered.\n\nHope you are having a wonderful day!!\n. We typically ship our Authentic Pizza Ovens quickly when you order them (same or next day). The outer wall is Aluminum and the inner wall is Stainless Steel (double wall) containing a high temperature special ceramic blanket. All our oven REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, sleet, and snow, fallen leaves and protection from the harsh elements when not in use. Way more fun than grilling and the family loves it. She and the company went above and beyond my expectation to fix my issue. Customer service was great Pam helped in every way. At around 50 kilograms, it is rather heavy but still portable if you are willing to endure the weight. We have been cooking up a storm over here! Outer wall is 1.4mm Aluminum - holds up better in wet, salty Florida weather! The outer wall is aluminum; the inner wall is stainless steel 316 - built to withstand the elements better than stainless steel 304, giving you a lifetime of entertaining. Totally happy with this oven. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product! We are glad that you're lovin' your oven! It was easy to order, and it was actually a lot easier to get information than from the manufacturer. MAXIMUS portable wood fired pizza oven is a unique patented design oven made with traditional materials as floor refractory brick tiles, with it you  can easily cook the most delicious pizzas, bread, roasts and barbecues and above  all, to have fun while cooking with it. Thank you so much Even better, the entire cooking process only takes a matter of minutes! or Best Offer. However, all of our ovens require “all-weather” protection from rain, sleet and snow, fallen leaves, and protection from harsh elements when not in use. Yes, most definitely! I want red but worried about discoloration from heat. MAXIMUS portable wood fired pizza oven is a unique patented design oven made with traditional materials as floor refractory brick tiles, with it you can easily cook the most delicious pizzas, bread, roasts and barbecues and above all, to have fun while cooking with it. The Prime Arena Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Oven has an aluminum dome with a stainless steel 316 dropped ceiling inside the oven. Wood fired pizza oven 28" x 31" cooking surface. 304-2B grade Stainless steel double wall with total 1mm (x2 0.5mm) - built to withstand the elements better than stainless steel 304, giving you a lifetime of entertaining, High temperature ceramic blanket and a special fire-blanket with safety homologation, bio-soluble, and asbestos FREE,  between inner and outer wall to hold in the heat, Chimney (100% 304-2B Stainless steel), Oven Door (100% 304-2B Stainless steel), Thermometer, Clay Baking Dish, Pizza Peel, 1 Extra Floor Tile. Which one is it? Ham and mushroom. In the specifications above it says the walls are made of 304-2B stainless steel. In between the double walls and underneath the floor tiles is an insulating ceramic blanket. Stainless Steel is superior due to its resistance to salt and sea corrosion. When you buy a Authentic Pizza Ovens Stainless Steel Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Portable Pizza Oven Maximus. Much less expensive than a pizza trailer and light enough to move around - even fits in the back of most cars. ur knowledge base and team members will help you every step of the way. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. This oven is a perfect pick for pizza lovers and someone who loves to host pizza parties. We are a local business hand picked by the premier brick oven manufacturers for our unique design skills and construction abilities to bring the most beautiful projects to life. For additional options, check out our list of Outdoor Bread Ovens Wood Burning or use the search box. And do I like the oven no I don’t, I love the oven. Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Handmade in Portugal, this oven produces superb wood-fired pizzas as well as any other dish you can imagine!

maximus wood fired pizza oven

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