1 Kansas. 28-3 Actual: 1 Highest: 1 - 63 Voters Lowest: 2 - 2 Voters 1623 Points. -Innis is close to soooo many places, like Robarts, Hart House, Bloor St., St. George subway station, a lot of the colleges where your classes will be held, and best of all, it’s right across the street from Innis College so if you have class in there in the … All the colleges give preference to students who rank them as their first choice. Trinity is a pretty cool college (They wear robes in dinning hall, just like Harry Potter 0.0) but the residence is too old. Library closures are among the steps taken by the university to support public health measures designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Victoria and St. Michael are just too far away. Temporary Library Closure to COVID-19 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Innis College Library, Innis IT Help Desk, and Printing Services will be closed until further notice. Mar 18, 2020 Final Rankings Rankings for Brian McInnis. Innis College Woodsworth College University College New College Trinity College St.Micheal's College Victoria College Reason being I need to live on residence. 2 Dayton. However, Trinity College, Victoria College, and Innis College will not admit any student who does not rank them in first place; if you rank them below that position, you will not be considered. Visit Innis College Library […] 29-2 Actual: 3 Highest: 1 - John Feinstein Lowest: 5 - Doug Doughty 1505 ... College Poll Tracker is not associated with the Associated Press or any institutions represented on this website.

innis college ranking

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