It might help you out when you make the transition back into the work force later on. Hence why I’m going back to school to start-over in another field. Seeking for some expidiendo advice. I don’t think my job is super high stress, and my hours are typically very reasonable, but I do see that changing as people go up in the chain. If you have a job you hate, then you look for another one. I just never really thought of anything much to do after figured out which discipline of civil engineering I wanted to pursue in. That is a reason to have it, even if you do not become an engineer. In conclusion, companies are no larger interested in engineering like back in “the ole days”. tamerxi (@tamerxi) has created a short video on TikTok with music Bleeding Love. But as the 90’s progressed, and the company grew larger, it became a marketing company, then finally by the turn of the century it became a supply-chain company. ... but hate math. I agree about the manager and job. I don’t feel appreciated at work and frankly I am kind of sick having to do repetitive debug work. But being about 10 years into my field, I will say that I have had my fair share of burnout since there is always something new to learn, to the point where your job is literally an endless parade of people showing you what you are doing wrong, and never getting anything fully correct. I sort of found my self in the same boat. I minored in Business Management and really enjoyed that, particularly the management side of psychology and the basics of the processes involved with restructuring a business, but don't really want to throw away my programming degree either. Someone can probably speak on this topic with more authority than I can, but based on my understanding, becoming a psychologist is an unnecessarily long and difficult road. Perhaps you can take a year off to figure out what you want to do. It isn’t enough to excel on the technical side of engineering. Also, a music degree made me a better engineer as music develops the mind. It is a big waste of time that will eventually form you into an obedient dog of the system. I still think you should talk to your professor. I’ve been in engineering for 32 years since age 20. It’s mean more opportunities have for the engineering graduates. Were all those careers successful? I’ve applied for promotions 3 times, but have been turned down; not that I desperately want to give up engineering and move into the mind-numbing management world, though the extra money would be nice. If it is yes for you two, then you are also a retiree. I figured if it didn’t work, I’d go back to work within a year. So, you can say I am not looking for going alone at this moment. I’m an engineer, EE, but started and have stayed in software, and I’ve worked with everything from embedded devices to large scale communications and control. At least you figure it out relatively early and you’re proactively trying to get out. Many engineers quit their job and moved on to do something else. i don’t envy that. The expectation is high and I am kind of taking up the slack that another senior engineer has created (he is content to sit in a corner and work alone). I note that you prefer writing as your new work after being an engineer. It will fester. I think it’s tough to stay an individual contributor these days. I am also enrolled in the 5 year program in my university and I plan to go into aviation engineering for designing and renovating airports. I graduated in 2010 in electrical (digital) engineer. That’s the way I think about it. But what’s the point of having such good money at the cost of your mental peace? I’ve worked for ten companies in the Balt./D.C. Since I'm better at reverse engineering than at exploitation and I like writing emulators but hate code review, I decided to find a way to run TAs on the Linux laptop instead of the actual device. Make sure you understand the compensation and flexibility of any career investment. Most people don’t have the planning or forethought as you had, so that’s why I enjoy following your journey. You’ll still be able to access past conversations on the Indeed Community until Dec. 14, 2020, at which time the Indeed Community product and all content previously posted on it will no longer be available when you visit this site. As an engineering student who is graduating in 3 months, I’m having a difficulty with finding my passion and planning my career path. And my wife is still working. I think that programming skills are really important but I don’t want to sit in a chair all day! No. I wanted to go back to school and get a Physical Therapy Assistant degree, but right now I’ll probably have to take anything I can get, just to minimize the damage to my IRA. It gets my brain moving in ways that nothing else in my life can – maybe my perspective will change one day, but right now, I couldn’t see giving it up. I agree with you 100%. Besides doing full-system emulation, QEMU supports the "user" target. It's perfectly fine to switch until you find the right major for you. (Although I’m scared that I might end up serving as a private and forget my engineering knowledge and English.). My husband is going to quit his engineering job in a year. If I’m 65 and in this same situation, you probably wouldn’t think twice about the whole retirement thing. If you make, let’s say, $100,000 a dollar/y but have to squeeze your brain out everyday not to get fired and live under constant stress. I marched in this morning and told them I quit because my wife, my kids, and my health (both mental and physical) were more important. You wear both hats, which makes the job tougher. Although it was much better than being laid off and he’s good at it, I think most people don’t realize staying in a technical role forever is not always possible, especially once you salary gets in the 6 figure range. I’m from Australia btw ! Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. Obviously management is required at some level, but the expected level is more to support a Wall st expectation of commoditization of everything. It was the same for me. I’ve been here for about 8 months now as a test engineer. Blogging doesn’t make much money unless you’re really lucky. I have decided that this year will be my last year in engineering – coronavirus or no coronavirus! I will be starting school at 21. He’s ahead of the class in math and reading. Thanks for your comment. Every company is run differently and has different views on work/life balance. Working as a plant engineer you can expect 10-12 hr days with the chance of being called in again, and weekends and all holidays are for supervising project work. One quote I love is: be the leading actor of your own life. 1. I hope your SAHD experience is as positive as mine. Seems like companies prefer to hire young people with a few years of experience. I love hanging out with my 2 year-old daughter every morning. Check out my handy tutorial if you’re thinking about blogging – How to Start A Blog and Why You Should. then i went to a huge company like intel but with chemicals and became more of a technician with higher pay than i ever made before. Life is short….. it only becomes more evident every passing year. For a while, it was a dream job. On the other hand I am having too much fun. Now I’m a human being again. At first, I was an RCG and loved working late and even on weekends. The answers for Joe I believe is yes. Absolute mess engineering is in the USA today. Are you in San Jose? With China, India and now Indonesia coming online with semiconductor plants and their engineers fresh out of America’s best colleges, the industry is ripe for having electronic computer engineers being brought under pressure to perform more than ever before, or get out-sourced. I am guilty of that myself. Luckily, we have a couple of years worth of money we can siphon off of our IRA’s, but at 51, do I really want to do that? I was told a larger company would be easier to work for but based on the forum, I am not sure. Just imagine doctors can cure patients, mechanic can repair cars & other things and so on. Is this field a field that I should not go into, regardless how much I like computers because it seems to me that the future is not to bright for ECEs. Relating to this is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite bloggers: “Getting a job and trading your time for money may seem like a good idea. I hit the ground running, put in a lotttt of hours and I actually enjoyed it because I was fresh, inexperienced and tried to learn as much as I can technically as well as management. Several promotions and with rare exception that money goes right to the mortgage, which is within a year from payoff. But IMO anyone who makes a blanket statement like the above about Intel’s culture should do a bit of self-examination. Life is short so enjoy it! I’m J.P., and I’m the poor sod who asked Joe about his early retirement, so blame me for this big, bucket-load of depressing misery in a post. On the other hand, if one’s a doctor, one needs to specialize, to stay employable at his/her expected rate of compensation. The demand at the company stays the same, but you need to take care of the kids too. Kids just have to be prepared to transition to something else. I am in a fairly similar situation as what you mentioned; the biggest problem is dealing with politics in a sunset industry because there is no real upside of raising to management level. After this time you'll be able to download your community data by submitting a request via the process described in our Privacy Policy. I would think the business would initially ask your husband if he’d be interested in the managerial role. I just turned 40, but I’m not in a place to get out yet. That is what this video is about. Most engineers are very resourceful and I’m sure they can function even without an engineering job. When I was a blue badge employee, I enjoyed two sabbaticals and several grade promotions, but towards the end it wasn’t the same for me either. Why did I not work longer and make more money? (Yes suffered, I hated almost every minute of it) Worked at a firm through college, then a contractor afterwards. But man do I hate engineers. I think it was me that changed a lot over the years. Then, at some point, you will likely be compelled to grow your company so that you can reduce your workload and hire your own engineers to do the execution aspect. I persevered. Amy, I know how you feel. It keeps life more interesting. Stories like this are why I’m saving as much as I can now. I am a self-taught computer person and for years I have been administering enterprise class software, as well as programming ETL, for a Fortune 200. I know quite a few senior level people that are very happy with their job. My wife makes a decent income to support this decision, and we are about to start a family so not bringing home this stress will be a big positive. This video is unavailable. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I guess I gotta figure something out. “Why is getting a job so dumb? It all just seems so meaningless to me now. They end up in management positions over time. That will give you more options later on. I just received my programming grade and got a C-. The last few semesters have been extremely challenging and found myself completely sick of the curriculum, subject matter and mental academic gymnastics. Hey, I’m a senior in HS debating what major to pick. Surely, there are exceptions but in my pretty long experience all companies are same when it comes to handling people and competency. If that doesn’t work, they get laid off due to “rightsizing”. Do you have a good counselor or professor you can talk to? They literally “rank” the employees from 1 to xxx in each pay level. Most people can tolerate corporate America, but it really isn’t for me. Kudos to you for making it as long as you did! Me and my husband has quite successfully have settled in our house and area that we love and would love to raise family. I still love coding, but I hate this industry. At the same time, I feel like I’ve become that person that they always wanted me to be because that’s what I had been doing for my entire life. And right now, the owner of a liquor store nearby, who was once an engineer for Raytheon, told me that of his entire cohort, only one was in tech after the age of 55. Really good article. You might be able to adapt better than I did, you never know. I left the job too, and be exactly great-full to be with my kids. However, the timing just was never right. Would it be worth it when engineering job do not fit my lifestyle, interest, and talent? Now that I have three kids, I struggle with 40 hours! I will like to get a BS in Software Engineering. Raises are based on how much you are paid w/in your pay level (are you at the bottom and thus underpaid, or at the top and “fully compensated”), and performance, which for engineers is subjective, unlike a sales job. One of my college roommates was the smartest kid at his high school and he really struggled in college.

i hate engineering

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