Sep 25, 2018 - Huntaway / New Zealand Sheepdog #Scenthound #Hound #Dogs #Puppy #Dog #Puppies #Hunting. Get in Touch. Four Huntaway x Welsh collie puppies for sale, three females and one dog. Unlike many intelligent breeds, the New Zealand Huntaway is not usually stubborn and is extremely easy for all types of training. Home > Doggies. We, at want to make sure you have the right information with you at all times so you can ensure that your puppy is well taken care of from the time you bring him home until he grows up into a fine addition to your little family! Watch out, there’s a beauty about ! The New Zealand Huntaway is an exceptionally intelligent dog. Cleo is a Huntaway breed that’s 8 months old. Cleo. Mother is a Huntaway… She’s looking for her forever home. See more. We rescued Cleo from a gypsy camp in the uk, where she was living outside tied up.... 3 photos in the gallery. Wonderful with people and all animals, this breed does not make a good guard dog but is an excellent family dog. Huntaway. facts about puppies Owning a dog may be fun but it is also filled with a lot of responsibility. Working or active homes preferred as these puppies will be energetic and very intelligent. The Huntaway was developed in New Zealand by mixing the Border Collie with a variety of other breeds, such as the Doberman, in order to create a herding dog that used its bark out on the field.Their appearance varies, and while most are medium to large sized black and tan dogs, their other physical characteristics differ greatly within the population. See more ideas about sheepdog, dogs, puppies.

huntaway puppies for sale

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