But if you were in the This synergizes with their team bonus (Stables work 20% faster), meaning that the player can rapidly create large numbers of Tarkans. If micromanaged effectively a group of six to ten Cavalry Archers is nearly invincible if the foe is in the start of the Castle Age or end of the Feudal Age. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Mainly aimed for team games. Their strategies are pretty straight forward because they have few very good units like paladins and cavalry archers and they lack other units like champions, arbalests, onagers and gun powder. Huns are missing champion, though, if you are desperate, the 2H swordsman can still counter trash spam. As such players should not spend resources on building defensive structures. This is especially helpful in a combined Cavalry Archer/Light Cavalry rush. They are suitable for repelling enemy Halberdiers, and even Camel Riders. Huns fall apart when more "heavyweight" civs such as Goths, Portugese or even Spanish get their upgrades and, in team games, get their trade running - Huns lack a few upgrades making their paladins good, but not as good as dedicated Knight civs and whilst their CA are cost effective, 1v1 they are weaker than other civs. As such, they have an ample cavalry tech tree with access to the rare fully upgraded Paladin. Their strategies are pretty straight forward because they have few very good units like paladins and cavalry archers and they lack other units like champions, arbalests, onagers and gun powder. Also, Atheism adds +100 years to Wonder and Relic victories, which also gives them an edge in Standard Game matches when a player intends a Wonder/Relic Victory, and the Game mode "Defend the wonder", They are probably the strongest civilization at. Since the Huns' defensive capacity is lackluster and their siege capacity is limited to Siege Rams and Trebuchets, civilizations with strong siege weapons (such as the Ethiopians, Teutons, Celts and Koreans) can effectively level any of the Huns' defensive structures (especially in closed maps such as Black Forest and Arena). This strategy is extremely effective against booming opponents, and can certainly slow them down long enough for… Note: If you're an unexperienced player, practice this technique on moderate-hard players before attempting a fight at hardest. The most played civilization in the list is also one of the most unique. Huns aoe2 Huns: Beginner Overview AoE2 - YouTub . 895. Tech tree-wise, the Huns rank way below average in the Monk (missing four out of ten technologies), navy (no Cannon Galleon and Fast Fire Ship), and siege weapo… Having access to more accurate Trebuchets against units and Siege Rams, combined with their unique unit, the. Their best units are, of course, all cavalry. I prefer knights/cavaliers/paladins when I need to deal with more units and not so much against buildings. {Changed from 25% cheaper in the Castle Age and 30% in the Imperial Age in AoC, but initial gold cost of Cavalry Archer dropped by 15% from 70 to 60. Other than the usual knight rush, I've seen Huns players do well building a large knight army in castle and then going after a player's town centers. Civilisation: Huns The reason I chose Huns was because their no house bonus saves them wood and build time and also their stables work 20% faster, which means I can fit in a extra villager from the time saved. Boom: Resources are spent on building a villager or doing research related to the faster collection. 1v1, Hun v Hun - The Hun War (Strategy) Perhaps the most-played type of game in DM - the Hun war is a game where the only civilisation used is the Huns. Know that when you play Huns, you go for broke from the moment you begin the game. However, they are at their strongest in the Castle Age. Being an early game civilization with strong economic bonus (starting at maximum population and not needing to build Houses means the Huns can effectively save a lot of Wood in the early game for an army), combined with their ability to pump out Scout Cavalry and Knights faster, and cheaper Cavalry Archers, means the Huns have an advantage over civilizations with weak early game, such as the Spanish, Portuguese, Turks, Saracens, and Vietnamese (especially in open maps like Arabia and starting in the Dark and Feudal Age). Giving rates like "A+" is very misleading as it implies huns have the best CA, which isn't true. The Huns were nomadic people so houses are not required for population purposes. The Berber team bonus (Genitour available at archery range) is great for the Huns, because it provides them with a fast ranged support unit (also with full set of archer-related techs open for them) that they get at a discount.

huns strategy aoe2

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