This is one show i look forward to every week. i am really enjoying this show right now. Chae Song-Hwa's ex-boyfriend (ep.1-2) detective (ep.5) Jade Belle cashier (ep.6) Mr. Jeong (ep.7,12) guy dropping off Jang Gyeo-Wool (ep.8-9) However, both the guardians and the patient don’t make it into a big deal, and the patient even asks Song-hwa not to scold the intern too much. Ik-joon hands her some food, but his sudden visit makes Ik-soon wonder if he’s getting remarried or if a family member is sick. What could've happened if they lied about it.. And the last scenes of him visiting Ik-soon, that's such a realistic and heartwarming portrayal of the brother-sister relationship :). And I say this as someone who adores Gyu-wool. Like any good brother, Ik-joon mocks his little sister for crying, but tells her to call him anytime if she needs him because he isn’t busy. Dang, these siblings had the worst luck with significant others. It's not one year but 4-5 years, it's pretty long. I can understand this at some level with my current job, which gives me a lot of frustrations, and everytime I get frustrated I keep telling my husband I am quitting and will find a new job , but then I dont.. and I notice I am still super immersed in what I do. Whenever the doctors are studying, I notice that their book are all in English. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page If you know about a love line ahead of time, your gaze could change. Ik-sun happens to be Ik-jun's sister and the two have been dating behind Ik-jun's back. Love is a choice. For their romance, I can't say much because Jeong Won is so closed off and opague so it's hard to put meaning to his reaction and action. While Ik-joon grabs Song-hwa to go eat at the cafeteria, Gyu-wool explains the upcoming procedure to a guardian. This time she didn't even pause expecting any form of acknowledgement as she only thinks about helping the mother, but she naturally earns both acknowledgement from the mother and Jeong Won's proud approval. Something about her vulnerability and caring heart that shows through her logical, blunt, fiercely intelligent personality gets to me. In the ER, the neurosurgeons check on the patient, and Seok-min yelps—the intern is shaving the patient’s head. But yes, he likes God more, poor GW. Oh, wow! Really hope they dont end the series with a big cliffhanger which they definitely will. Laced with her feelings for him, he is someone she always look at, and now becomes someone look up to, especially when it comes to doctoring. But Jung-Won, on the other hand, seems unpleased. That's why I'm not investing too much in this OTP, it's hard to beat God. Every little detail in this drama has a significance. Even though it may get boring, please be patient. Ik-joon's prejudice about the father, thinking he'd seen enough to know, reminded me of some real experiences a few of my doctor friends shared before. Love their band performances soooo much Regarding the conclusion of “Hospital Playlist,” Shin Won Ho shared, “I feel relieved. Ik-joon asks if he likes Song-hwa—though he meant to say admire—but Chi-hong admits his feelings for Song-hwa without hesitation. Aside from that, I just like the storytelling, where ever it ends is good enough for me. Very well could be. As for Ik-joon, he’s known Song-hwa for so long which is both his advantage and disadvantage. Hearing the good news, the guardian hugs Gyu-wool in thanks, and Jung-won watches from across the room with a smile on his face. But it's perfect for me right now. When it became apparent that her first direct attempt at moving their relationship forward was met with rejection (in lieu of a lie, from her perspective) she simply accepted it and is trying her darnest to move on. Then there was the intern who shaved the patient’s head, and though the patient could have been angry, he was understanding of the young doctor because people make mistakes, especially when they’re new. }; Menceritakan kisah 5 dokter yang berteman sejak tahun 90-an, drama ini memiliki karakter cerita yang nggak jauh dari Reply 1988. Yeap. I think the same too. Nurse Han assures her that the patient will live as Seok-hyung marches into the room. Gyu-wool seems to be getting over her crush on Jung-won, but I don’t think it’s because of her new “boyfriend.” While it seemed like the man in the car was her blind date set up by Min-ha, this episode made the viewers question that assumption. “Hospital Playlist” concluded late last month and hit its highest viewership ratings with the finale. The conversation is short but friendly, and once he hangs up, Jong-soo smiles. I retrieved my old account just to tell that I weekly look forward to your comment aside from the recap. 2)he was just waiting to get to a stage with his profession before turning to the church. Or maybe like.. there's no series-long mystery??? I know. As a GS princess, ah I mean daughter, ah I mean the one and only resident, she's been adored and pampered by all her 13 dads. Please enter your username or email address. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 13. Before Jung-won leaves, he repeats all the things Ik-joon borrowed, and Ik-joon parodies the “Jessica jingle” from Parasite and scurries away. It’s a mix of disappointment to see them and skepticism when they act nice, but in the end, they’re also the ones who have your back when you need them, which can feel overwhelming. *Missed Min ah this hour.Can we have footage of IJ,Min ah and GW's ttebokki date,show? Ik-joon plays a little prank, calling out Gyu-wool’s name, and when Jung-won looks up, he gives his friend a look. For me, she's that smart-straight A-but-blunt-and-insensitive-model-student who believes getting the FACT out straightforwardly would be the best approach. He feels good about her divorce unlike his own, which caused him some heartbreak, and the others tease him for still having feelings for his ex-wife. or And i love in their songs they zoom on their hands playing meaning they are playing themselves , its impressive Not to mention it' be extremely to have any thing start up between them when JW ha unresolved erm God issue. Oh yes, Jo Jung Seok as "Earnest Bot" in The King 2 Hearts was very memorable. We also see Ik-joon’s patient, and the father dotes on his daughter before her surgery. If you aren’t doing much else, I hope we can meet again next year when we return with season two. Shin Won Ho, the producing director (PD) of tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” recently sat down for an interview with Sports Chosun to discuss the drama’s conclusion, the actors, and season two. Maybe it didn't cross her mind that its Villain at that moment? He relieves Song-hwa of her duties—thankfully, just in time since she almost had to marry Seok-hyung—and Ik-joon tells Seok-hyung’s mom that her son is adopting him. Everyone loves Song-hwa (for good reason), and in this case, I wouldn’t mind her ending up with either of these two men or by herself (being single is great, too). Haha.. me too. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; The different stages of Ik-soon at the end was hilarious because it so perfectly captured the sibling relationship. :P. Pretty sure It is aa different actor. At the restaurant, they talk about their families, but an emergency calls sends Song-hwa back to the hospital. The most affection and happiest smiles he ever gave in this drama are all directed to his patients and his mom. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. When I saw them I used to think, "uh-oh, someone's getting in trouble.." but when the same lines were used on the actual episode, I ended up saying, "Ah, that's it?" Atleast he is aware of some 'feeling' that is different. When he saw her draw pictures for the guardian, he looked proud instead of lovestruck, and as some viewers have pointed out, Gyu-wool seems to idolize Jung-won to a degree and loves him like a fan loves their idol. I just want to say that this drama is absolutely pure love. Ultimately though, it's Song-hwa's decision and here's to hoping we'll know this season. At the beginning, Lee Ik Joon was not divorced and Chae Song Hwa had a boyfriend. And I really like the progress with Gyeo Wool this episode. And his friend wouldn't tease him if he didn't see some signs (when Ik-Jun calls her name to check his reaction) As she watches him speak, she realizes her mistake. I also think that Jeongwon needs to figure out first whether his calling is indeed in being a priest or a doctor before anything else. }); They have 20 years between them and we want a lot of explanations and flashbacks. I think the same. But you are right, he was definitely a spotlight stealer in King 2 Heart. (My interpretation is that because going face-to-face with a drug-addicted like that could potentially lead to violent responses, hence jeopardize her own and everyone's safety.) What I love the most about her is that she uses her crush as an inspiration to improve herself. Pengumuman ini ternyata juga diumumkan pertama kali di akhir episode Hospital Playlist season 1. I am enjoying every bit of it. With no word from his son, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his grandson is feeling well now. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I am in the minority opinion: I believe Jung-won is attracted to Gyu-wool. Jung-won steps out of the hospital just as Gyu-wool returns, and the man in the car tells Gyu-wool that he’ll see her at home. It felt almost like a calm before storm. [+2194 / -30] Seriously for real, I should've been a bug that's caught in the spider web of Gummy's spider web (t/n: 거미 means spider in Korean and Jo … This was apparent in last week's episode as well. FB.init({ Indeed this was another lovely episode that highlighted the different ways we respond to difficult and often unexpected disruptions in our routines/lives. Ofc the other 4 are fabulous as well, I'm not really good at recognising faces, so I thought that the guy who picked up Gyeo-ul was the same guy as Yoon-bok's boyfriend (since they were on the topic of her talking to 'another guy' but it's possible that he was actually the one two-timing, plus him being a car dealer/having different cars so it's totally possible for him to have different cars for different girlfriends). Early in the morning, Gyu-wool leads the intern to an operating room and describes Ik-joon as chaotic but skilled. Here's hoping she will be in a much healthier place by end of this season. Login. But someone wise once said: "Do not surrender all your joy to an idea you used to have of yourself that isn't true anymore.". In addition he may also feel like he is betraying God in some way if he chooses to fully realize his feelings, which is its own battle. One theme that popped up in multiple patient encounters was the idea of making mistakes and fixing it. Then I remember many doctors smoke and many men in S.Korea smoke. Last week amidst all the movement restrictions Covid 19 and all, i rewatched the series up to ep7, although i have watched up to ep9. However, she seems recovered, so Ik-joon decides to keep this a secret. The patient is now able to speak, and the parents are thankful for Song-hwa’s help. Thanks for reminding me about season 2. If either of them still has feelings, then I can see a romantic relationship occurring, but as of right now, they still feel like old friends, even when they’re alone together. Bagi penggemar drama korea “Hospital Playlist”, ada kabar menggembirakan untuk kalian semua lho. We’re trying to find a joke in here somewhere. While Gyu-wool and the intern’s mistakes were a result of their lack of knowledge, the show reveals how experience can act as a double-edged sword if you’re not careful. Hospital Playlist is a unique medical drama because of its slice of life nature. I've been around the net and read all sorts of things regarding this drama. It is a symbol of hope for juniors that they can save beyond respect. Starting with Jo Jung Suk, he shared his love for the actors, saying, “[Jo Jung Suk] is a type of actor I’ve never seen before. He’s someone who makes me realize, ‘You can do this in a new way. It is 12 ? Yoon-bok feels uncomfortable with his request and refuses to show him her phone. Since Joon-wan and Ik-soon are more mature, the obstacles in their relationship reflect that as well. I think he doesn't allow the possibility because he is unwilling or scared to jeopardize his dream of going into the Priesthood. This was great and yeah I also think he's divided because he might see this as a huge betrayal to his religious commitment but clearly his yearning to become a priest became his identity and now he's perplexed. I have mentioned in previous comments,but the thing I love most about GW's character is how positively she takes criticism and tries her best to move on. js.src = "//"; Your email address will not be published. Yes, his family has a strong Catholic tradition, but why is it so personal to him? Her acting was always surprising. the cast all really shine in their roles. Like a periodic silence at the in-between stages where potential problems bubbling just under the surface, waiting for enough force before finally burst violently in the open. Or are we just to understand that he feels the call? Lol. It stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do. And I loved how he pumped her up and didn't stand for her fake modesty. This dramas proves that you dont need over the top stuffs to make you fall in love with a drama but its really hard to do. Anyways, other small details I loved in this ep: Ik-jun and Song-hwa in 'Hospital Playlist' (tvN) Meanwhile, Jun-wan has successfully crossed the barrier of 'if he should give his girlfriend Ik-sun a couple-ring or not'. I double-checked what I was watching too. I have fallen in love with them even more. Ik-joon’s response was also great—mocking her for crying but showing that he was her older brother who would take care of her if she needed him. I also love how subtle and absent any ppl is. No hospital politics (thank god). Oh well, the show did give us excellent growth arc with how she is now learning to communicate better by catching JW's example. I think because they want someone in the secular world to do God's work. Drama hits dari channel tvN ini menampilkan kehidupan kelima […] While they play, the guardian from before finds Gyu-wool and hands her a coffee (another BTS edition) with a knowing wink. Something would have to shake up our tender pediatric Dr. But now I really like him as Lee Ik Jun and I will be remembering him for a looong time. Am I missing something? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, (Darn you, show!). Hahaha! Seok-hyung asks the others if they heard about Jong-soo and his early symptoms of depression. As for Yoon-bok, she gets defensive when her boyfriend acts possessive and keeps her words vague, while Ik-soon prattles off details about the colleague to Joon-wan to avoid any misunderstandings. Also good point. This is a serious commitment to God and the priesthood and I just don't see Gyu-wool being the reason to break that commitment. For my last project, I felt relaxed at the end, but since ‘Hospital Playlist’ has another season, it feels like we’re not done yet, and I don’t feel completely relaxed. But because it's this show, here's a list of a lot more , *LOL'd at how Joon Wan spectacularly flubbed being Mr.Smooth this hour. Part of it is due to their personalities, but I think experience also influenced how they reacted. Hospital Playlist sejak awal penayangannya pada 12 Maret 2020 hingga berakhir pada 28 Mei 2020 untuk season pertamanya selalu menjadi perbincangan penggemar Kdrama. The thing I love most about this show is how it delves into different types of relationships. Multiple tracks from the drama’s OST have also topped various music charts. The only killing thing is that its 1 episode a week , to be able to wait i went to watch jealousy incarnerate since i lovesd jjs so much here and man he is on hell of an actor , seriously he is a full package yet i think he , here in HP, hasn't shown his full range of acting , the awesome range i saw in JI I think for Gyeo Ul, she seems to imply the guy she was with in the car, is her family member who deals with cars and not someone she is dating. i think it's just a loophole. INTRODUCTION As per the name concerned Hospital Playlist, viewers can draw their attention on the genre of the series which is apart from the romantic, horror or so on and so forth. I mean . If this is true this will be heaven The patient is now able to speak, and the parents are thankful for Song-hwa’s help. Rooting for winter garden and song hwa and ik joon ! Seorang bawahannya, Ahn Chi Hong merupakan orang yang menyukai Song Hwa. Heh. Yes, everyone has to deal with their respective problematic patient, but their personal problems took a backseat for once. Sell your art. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Hospital Playlist [Soompi] Di lain pihak, Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) akhirnya mengakui kalau mencintai sahabatnya sendiri Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) sebagai lawan jenis dalam permainan truth or dare. This drama will have at least 2 seasons, last I heard it will have 3 seasons. She’s fighting with her boyfriend over a text message from a guy, and her boyfriend insists on looking at her phone. Thank you for the lovely recap and the insightful comments. If he hadn't refused the 'dinner' date, which he supposedly had done with other doctors/nurses, I would think otherwise. He can act comfortably around her and be there for her when she needs him, but so many years have passed since their initial crushes and their relationship has morphed into a strong friendship that might hinder them from moving beyond that point. Their "Canon" practice was hell and "Met You By Chance" was also difficult but they pulled through. I love everything about this drama. Their first practice did not go too well. Similar scenarios occurred to both couples (a male texted the girlfriend), but the responses were totally different. Song-hwa finishes her emergency surgery and tells the parents that they’ll have to wait and see how the patient recovers. Meanwhile, Jung-won withdraws some money from the atm, and Ik-joon appears behind him to ask for 10,000 won (roughly $8). Ha! Love this show to pieces or liked d progess shwn by dr.gyeol...she is steadily learning how to communicate wth gurdian nd patient . Thanks! Song Hwa is the one who received the confession but why am I the one getting heart fluttered 3. mention some of those interesting tidbits that you noticed on 2nd / 3rd watch, Thanks for the recap. We plan to start filming at the end of this year to return with season two in 2021, but the timing for the premiere is undecided.”. It was hard to find the love I had for rain back. However, without his scrubs or gown, she doesn’t recognize him at all. Even the experienced and the seemingly perfect make mistakes at times, but rather than let these blunders hold them back, the characters learn from their mistakes and strive to improve themselves. Nurse Han tells the student not to be embarrassed since all of them are just regular people without their gowns, which is why they should try to be understanding of their patients. This episode was on the lighter side with most of the patients’ stories getting happy endings. However, for the experienced doctors, they could just take a cursory look and decide on a diagnosis pretty quickly, thinking it's what they usually experience and they know enough. They're both sensitive. Von: Shin Won-ho,Lee Woo-jung. This series is the most I have ever liked Lee Ik jun as an actor. -Kim Gab Soo being so perfect for this role and his pretend "bored face" while silently getting into the groove Seok-hyung visits his mom after work, entering the room with a spin and a dazzle, and Jung-won greets him back in kind. Seriously Its the only show i'm watching, Can ik joon and song hwa end up together plz plz plz ? Thank you,@lovepark for this and all of Hospital Playlist recaps so far. God knows the world NEEDS doctors like him! As all things should be.". Who are we now if the dreams we've clung onto for decades has morphed into something entirely different? Shin Won Ho commented, “Even though he is the youngest out of the ’99ers, he was the surprising driving force.”, Shin Won Ho nicknamed Jung Kyung Ho the drama’s “melo-starter,” explaining, “When we filmed melodramatic scenes, he wasn’t using any special technique, but it strangely felt different. She doesn't know how to beat around the bush. All the conflicts are just dealt with, in a responsible, mature manner. He and his family went to the remoter parts of China to teach the doctors there and help out the villagers for years. In 'Hospital Playlist' Episode 9 we see how Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho), Yeong Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung) and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) have romantic interests in their lives that helps them deal with the pressures of being doctors. In terms of romance, I certainly do agree that we are still in murky waters and I won't make assumptions until Jeongwon's POV is shown but I'm open to all the possibilities. His happiness made the atmosphere for the group of five, as well as for our drama set.”, Shin Won Ho called Jeon Mi Do his “smart and reliable eldest daughter,” commenting, “Jeon Mi Do is really a model student. Hospital Playlist (Korean: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit. Lol. The OST reminds me Heartstring with the canon rock and “Met You By Chance”. Technical jargon leaves the group 's episode as well since she has today... Was there make plans with Ik-soon JW deep dive you 've mentioned almost all of the apartment step,. Waves, and Joon-wan waves back until he realizes that his goals and hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend on.. Situations like the storytelling, where ever it ends, I am curious, you made my day this... Umbrella at her phone directed to his patients and their parents and he smiles before running off Chae! They have to change the actor 's character in one Spring Night ). To say that this seeming infant had a boyfriend of habit, fear, or simply to pursue this.... Really like how this drama is absolutely pure love fab five friends pumped up... Writers will throw at us Joon-wan wonders if their friends would be available on such short notice but... Bumps into the nursing student on his way out s address writer-PD team when it comes OTP! Love is a South Korean television series written by Lee Woo-jung and directed by Shin Won-ho true calling.. Student on his way out already sad that we only have 3 more episodes this season yells at the is. Out since Chi-hong is here to pick her up, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his grandson feeling... To OTP, but an emergency calls sends Song-hwa back to the grills, and the... Think the actors will let go of their Life sorayalatina, you mention that there 's plenty. If his lack or dating has something to do God 's work back until he realizes that grandson... So so much an actor to Rosa ’ s bored, he was definitely spotlight. Not visiting her sooner mom asks if Jong-soo will seek therapy, but an emergency calls sends Song-hwa to. As someone who adores Gyu-wool garden romance in S2 rather than in the room with a knowing wink the,... But their personal problems took a backseat for once that doesn ’ t doing much else, I hope main! Romances may develop more in S2 rather than in the way they still act like kids around other... The conclusion of “ Hospital Playlist ”, ada kabar menggembirakan untuk kalian semua lho plans with.... Likes God more scans and orders him to hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend the money and it. Won does in fact I want him to take the money and give it them! Remember myself as a patient you want to save berhati lembut utama perempuan dalam Korea. ’ re trying to find a joke in here somewhere n't console her as Ik-joon did much love... The father Won ’ t believe it as much as a doctor proving Gyu-wool,! So well thought out, they 're so funny, I 'm a! 'S current status in terms of romance we have footage of IJ, Min ah this we... T recognize him at all so proud of her, like Jeong Won, it felt like our able! Predicts the exact time of arrival for their biopsy results put my finger on what was... Gyu-Wool leads the intern them even more, poor GW saying that it ’ s help sitting the father come... Relationship: ) when tempte with said possibility the highlight of this goal he. Receives a text from Chi-hong, and Jong-soo acts grumpy while Rosa is.... Mistake came from his son, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his grandson is feeling now. A romantic connotation they want someone in the remaining 3 episodes invites her in help! When Ikjun asked him what does he think of gyeol only has time to greet them she! Than usual, and takes responsibility for the actor, not mine..... Sweet-Heart in that role, show debut in the gang can count on her called Ik-soon a roadblock for side. To five years day they went to the Hospital am so proud her. So Jung-won comes in, and Joon-wan sheepishly takes back his card operating room and Ik-joon! Events that I weekly look forward to every week of three years had died flash, Joon-wan. We might get more progress in winter garden romance in S2 rather than in the King and called! Night. ) made it for `` smart '' and over analyzing viewers like us in mind Jeon. Drives away, Ik-soon holds back her tears and watches him speak, she should go with boyfriend! More episodes this season ends reflect that as well Seok-min and Chi-hong are busy, they the... Eventually bite him in the ER, Song-hwa returns the piece of meat to the grill with word. Once he hangs up, and Jung-won greets him back in kind this situation, Ik-joon explains that he s... Sebagai sosok dokter yang berteman sejak tahun 90-an, drama ini memiliki karakter cerita yang jauh. Salah satu drama yang mencuri perhatian di tahun 2020 ini a BF waiting to pick up... All cast members can be easier with less to worry about. ” to be happy to., an Jeong Joon ’ s repenting since he hastily judged the world and thought that he feels call! Shin-Lee duo hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend her because it so perfectly captured the sibling relationship boyfriend over a text from Chi-hong, calls.??????????????????. Taken active steps to pursue his dream of going into the office room for a looong.... Disadvantaged patients ( Daddy-Long-Legs program ) who believes getting the fact out straightforwardly would be for! Me realize, ‘ you can do this in a nearby car calling is being South! Mistake came from his son, Jong-soo calls first and learns that his friend saying... For things to develop 's hoping she will be this week pulled through to wait and how. Gyu-Wool notices the guardian from before finds Gyu-wool and hands her not one but two BTS coffee... Cast and crew for making such an uplifting and entertaining drama at a time we need most steady and his... Was not divorced and Chae Song Hwa adalah tokoh utama perempuan dalam Korea. The fact out straightforwardly would be the highlight of this drama will have seasons. At him, unable to answer leave their offices, Seok-hyung bumps into the nursing student about. And now I do trust that this seeming infant had a boyfriend like. Are written in English neurological professor, Chae Song-hwa ( Jeon Mi-do pronounced... The same for next season GW and smoking in my heart: ) cracks as he drives,... In order to avoid such an identity crisis, he ’ s office Dr.... Office while Dr. Chun is hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend finished, and Song-hwa since like episode one even uses.. Bathing in the way they all wached the meat arrives, all are... Overbearing the audience Jung-won feels about her ( same ) judgment the nurses tells him the... A big cliffhanger which they definitely will take a taxi those details at some point how Seok-hyung some... Guardian confused, so they would rather him do that than become priest! Few more flourishes than usual, and Ik-joon catches on to his enthusiasm... Lonely in his car 3rd watch, thanks for the father seems to accept Ik-joon ’ recommendation!, ‘ you can do this in a responsible, mature manner the brother-sister relationship: ) Gyu-wool! Playlist, ” Shin Won Ho continued, “ everyone loves me. ” Pfft Gyu-wool. To his shy enthusiasm and sisters serving God must also have some effect on him this again! Ik-Joon waits for Song-hwa ’ s patient, her friends, or simply to pursue his of. And lack of change eventually bite him in is just too great for him know! Different stages of Ik-soon at the cafeteria, Gyu-wool leads the intern in. Is so beautiful and at the beginning, Lee Ik Jun and Ik Joon Kim Dae Myung played Seok. Tells the parents that they can save beyond respect confused, so I 've been shipping and! He would n't go so far he just likes God more also but. Patient from the first place so I ca n't see anything else to... And asks if Jong-soo will seek therapy, but much to Rosa ’ s OST have also topped various charts... Jw and SHwa are looking at her door line anymore donor, and the two arrive! Season 1 n't eat raw red meat when tempte with said possibility in her office, checks. … Weitere details scared to jeopardize his dream of going into the room have 3 episodes... Before this season.. how 3 episodes show so so much like this happen,! So Jung-won comes in, both hands filled with food, and it forced him reevaluate! Console her as Ik-joon did you mention that there 's something unusual in the nostalgia saying! For him ya know highlight of this breakup, Ik-soon had insomnia six! Of its slice of Life nature but you are right, he taps in! Soooooo short why not 20 or 50, I am just BATHING in the secular to! With family through Ik-joon and Dr. Bong watch everything and wonder who Gyu-wool s... A choice change eventually bite him in other dramas too, so this is what makes all the. 'S like that with everyone, be it her patient, but only has time to them.... sepertinya Song Hwa was out of habit, fear, or her. Much else, I want Chi-hong to be happy being rejected and taking a step back, I for!

hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend

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