Gordale Scar was created during the Ice ages, melt water has created a cavern that eventually collapsed to create the waterfall and gorge which draws in tourist and keen climbers every year. The gorge could have been formed by water from melting glaciers or a cavern collapse. It starts near Malham, North Yorkshire. The limestone gully is too huge to capture on camera, and the grotesque shapes of the weathered stone are fantastical. The broad path soon enters a narrow chasm. Malham Tarn. Map. The waterfall is best climbed up the left hand side. Stay well away from the edge - admire the climbers with their climbing gear from afar!. Major crag with highly atmospheric trad. It contains two waterfalls and has overhanging limestone cliffs over 330 feet (100 m) high. Date of experience: August 2018. An alternative route is available, call into Malham National Park Centre for details. Take care, the limestone is polished smooth by the passing of feet and the action of water; if damp wet boots it can be very slippery. The water-worn rock provides plenty of hand and footholds and any difficulties are quickly passed. Gordale Scar is a limestone ravine 1 mile (1.6 km) northeast of Malham, North Yorkshire, England. This review is the … Gordale Scar – Created during the Ice Age, melt water created a cavern that eventually collapsed to form the waterfall and gorge that you see today. The roof collapsed, leaving a giant chasm twisted into the body of the Dales. Grade context: UK; Ascents: 8 172. Gordale Scar. The gorge was produced by water from melting glaciers sometime over the last three million years. It’s stunning. Cave Route Area. The waterfall caroes Gordale Beck over it - which we will follow into Gordale Scar. Turn right and continue along the lane until you reach the gate that leads to Gordale Scar. Date of experience: October 2020. Traditionally the pool here was used as a sheep dip - and a quick look on wikipedia brought up this: The name Janet (sometimes Jennet) is believed to refer to a fairy queen held to inhabit a cave at the rear of the fall. Debbie describes a visit to Gordale Scar, near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales which certainly opened up my eyes to the many problems of accessing our outdoors, even on a simple walk like this. Gordale Scar is one of the highlights of a visit to Malham. From Gordale Scar you continue the climb towards Seaty Hill where there are magnificent views of the Yorkshire Dales. Gordale Scar is a huge gorge and its true size is only visible once you walk. J F M A M J J A S O N D Description. Climb the path to the left of the waterfall and join Gordale Lane. 5 – Climb the rock barrier to the left of the ‘hole’ that can be seen between the two waterfalls (or one if it has been dry). One minute you’re strolling along the path, enjoying the sun then you step round the corner into the shade, the temperature plummets and the overhanging rock faces glower down on you. (If in doubt follow the … Helpful. Take care on … 5) Gordale Scar, Malhamdale, North Yorkshire. Now 7b+ since being fully bolted in 2018. We did a 6 mile Malham cove walk and Gordale scar was on the route. Continue along the road for about 150 yards and turn left at a gate signed to Gordale Scar. There are many climbable cliffs here include the intimidating ‘big three’ of Kilnsey, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. After viewing this collapsed cave return to the lane and turn left, eastwards. Turn right and continue along the lane until you reach the gate that leads to Gordale Scar. Read more. Once a cave that fell in on itself the scar has become world famous as a nesting area for the peregrine falcon and a difficult scramble for the walker (may be too much for many). Gordale scar is definitely worth to visit and i suggest to take circular walk to join visit of Gordale scar with Malham cove. UKT 1b 2a 2c 3b 4a 4b 4c 5a 5b 5c 6a 6b 6c 7a 7b 7c. A good path through the campsite has been created, following alongside the Gordale Beck onto Gordale Scar. Ahead Gordale Beck cascades down from a ledge. Gordale Scar is one of Yorkshire's major climbing sites and you may well see climbers here. Share. The entrance to Gordale Scar. Gordale Scar Mostly Rock climbing 172 routes in crag. On Friday I took a trip down into the Yorkshire Dales. If you'd like to extend your walking in the area then you could visit Malham Cove and the Malham Tarn Estate for more beautiful scenery. Gordale Scar is a spectacular gorge, complete with waterfalls, cut right into the limestone hillside. Yorkshire Limestone. Climb the path to the left of the waterfall and join Gordale Lane. The limestone pavement at the top of Malham Cove can be slippy- take extra care. Climbing up the scar is also an invigorating experience - if you do it the right way, of course. The broad path soon enters a narrow chasm. Directions in Google Maps Seasonality. The scenery is about as impressive as it comes & the route is obvious. Gordale Scar - how not to climb it! Weather Overcast with some sunny spells. Ask viaUAA about Gordale Scar. Hide Search . ericlowe wrote a review Oct 9. england 395 contributions 133 helpful votes. I had no intention on this walk of getting them to climb up the waterfall. Really beautiful. After heavy rain or if you do not feel up to the climb, return to the lay-by mentioned above at the back of which is a kissing gate. The soaring line of Cave Route Right-hand yields a superb climb. Help-Crag Map. Malham Cove and Gordale Scar have been on my to-do list for some time, but I just never seemed to get round to going. SCRAMBLING STATS: You won’t find Gordale Scar in any scrambling guide: the only exposed, hands-on stuff is brief, the ascent minimal, and most publishers wouldn’t consider it worth the ink. Beyond the foss the jaws of Gordale Scar opened – steep slopes rising to sheer crags of jagged pale grey limestone 500 feet tall. Gordale Scar has a path up to the waterfall which can be dangerous - again err on the side of caution there are plenty of spots to have a picnic. We would suggest not attempting the scramble either during or after heavy rain. It must be ten years ago since I last went to Gordale Scar. Thank viaUAA . From Gordale bridge walk through the camp site on the obvious path to the gorge. Entering the gorge early on a sunny summer’s morning is always memorable. For me Gordale is a very special place to climb, both intimidating and awe inspiring at the same time. Climbing the footpath up it damages the tufa so please avoid doing so. As I suspected it was quite wet though to be fair there were a couple of people giving it a go. Open all year, a good footpath leads from the road into Gordale Scar. All informations, geo location, photos, videos and betas about Gordale Scar are available on ClimbingAway ! Be prepared for a strenuous climb to the top of Malham Cove. Once above the first waterfall, you will be in the heart of Gordale Scar. Gordale Scar is a gigantic collapsed cave system forming a twisting gorge between limestone cliffs. The Scar is a vast cave, burrowed out by raging floodwaters at the end of the last Ice Age. Ahead Gordale Beck cascades down from a ledge. Gordale Scar: Climb this - See 139 traveler reviews, 138 candid photos, and great deals for Malham, UK, at Tripadvisor. A couple of friends had been down recently so this reignited my desire to visit (thanks Joz & Marie). After admiring the pavement, head down to the foot of the cove and away from it to reveal the cove in its full splendour. The cove is over 80m high and 300m wide and once was the site of a waterfall higher than Niagara falls! Janet’s Foss is really just a tame start as the amphitheatre of Gordale Scar soon dominates the scenery. The scramble up Gordale Scar is not for everybody therefore ensure you are confident you are able to climb up before attempting it. The limestone cliffs have both traditional and modern sport climbing on crags which include some of the hardest climbs in the country. Gordale Scar. The walk retraces its steps to Gordale bridge and then on over a short climb to reach the limestone pavement above Malham Cove. Stunning, just simply stunning. You need to scramble up to the left of the waterfall where plenty of hand holds assist the short climb. Especially pleasant is entrance to scar, passing meadow where many you will find many people camping. Cave Route Right 7b+ Overview; Photos 2; Cave Route Right (pre 2018) ... Cave Route (aid) 32m. Follow the track up the gorge to the see the waterfall. Gordale Scar, Malham: See 131 reviews, articles, and 130 photos of Gordale Scar, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 8 attractions in Malham. Gordale Scar is a vally cut into the land witch offers climbing routes on both sides and streches over half a mile. Home » England (other) » Gordale Scar … This is a contender for the most popular scramble in the country on a weekend you have to fight your way through the crowds. Gordale Scar. Gordale Scar, near Malham, Yorkshire is one of the natural wonders of the UK. Follow the path up through the gorge; there is a section where you will have to scramble steeply on rocky steps with the water of the beck splashing beside you. There is an alternative route detailed below in the narrative. Along the way were accosted by someone from a TV crew who asked if we would be happy to be filmed talking to a celebrity chef! The final section descends along country lanes to Malham Village. This has precipitated out onto the mossy rocks to create the soft tufa screen that is such a feature at Gordale. In Scar there is a waterfall and people climbing around. The smooth rock and often wet conditions make for a challenging climb. and sport routes - get psyched for those big 'character building' challenges of the inner sanctum... Crag information Climbing Area: Yorkshire: Rock Type: Limestone: Importance: National: CRoW Land: Yes: Ownership: Private: No. Approach . Home ; Find climbing areas ... World map of rock climbing areas; The 20 closest climbing areas around a location; Rock climbing areas along your itinerary; Add a rock climbing area; Also on your smartphone. Gordale Scar . Here our paths ends and the only way out of the Scar is to re-trace your steps or climb up the waterfall. Apple Store; Play Store; Travel. So, instead of going up the waterfall, we began to retrace our steps to Gordale Bridge. You can climb up the waterfall, except after heavy rain when access is limited but the waterfall becomes even more spectacular. It’s open all year and a good footpath leads from the road into Gordale Scar.

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