Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I bought the Garnier skin naturals hydra bomb serum mask as my sister recommended it to me. After applying the face mask sheet, just sit back and relax and let it do its work. It stands in the middle of the two masks, in terms of hydration. Given the material is like tissue, I’m amazed on how amazing it adhered to my skin, feel like the mask hugging my skin tightly, and showering my skin with all the hydrating essence. Perbedaan varian Hydra Bomb dengan varian lain itu adalah 1. It also helps to smoothe the appearance of wrinkles and improves the skin’s texture. Once you remove the mask and work in the serum into your skin, you might feel that your skin feels sticky. This product is amazing, Garnier’s hydra mask is a great investment especially for someone with dry or oily skin. Eye area will feel refreshed and reviltalised. It gives a salon-like glow after removing the sheet mask. Garnier Hydra Bomb promegranade sheet mask has a sweet, pleasant smell. This is a face mask that will provide deep hydration and makes skin softer. Cocok untuk kulit kombinasi dan berminyak The serum helps in nourishing the skin and bring back the youthful glow that has been affected due to pollution and other stress factors. ⧪ Setelah 1 minggu = wajah tampak lebih bercahaya dan terasa sehat. Just dab in a little moisturizer and it glides on super smoothly onto your skin. I used the mask at night before going to bed. This sheet mask has an ultra-thin sheet that is made of cellulose. Garnier is a quite famous brand in drugstores as they provide an awesome range of skincare products including the famous micellar water that got so much great feedback from customers. My skin becomes soft, and it makes me have natural glow. I appreciate there’s all information needed stated at the back, so it’s very useful for the user to understand. It is also very hydrating! Hello, Everyone! In this video, Yo womania is giving honest review about Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Serum Mask. Pomegranate extract : rich with antioxidants, help protect the epidermis to plump the skin and promote collagen production. Jadi, si serum mask Garnier Serum Mask Hydra Bomb ini ada dua lapis. Leave a Review Buy Now Garnier Skin Naturals Hydra Bomb Serum Mask is a hydrating serum sheet mask that provides a dose of hydration to the dull and lifeless skin. Knowing that it’s very great, I definitely sure it’s best used as a pre-makeup skin prep mask because it will result to a smooth and flawless makeup! Ketahui review produk Garnier Serum Mask Hydra Bomb Light Complete jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. The Hydra Bomb being mildly hydrating and the Sakura White being intensely hydrating. Bhd | Web Design Malaysia, I love writing. Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask (Mask): 4.2 out of 5 stars from 6 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site But just a few minutes of applying this mask and my skin just bounces back to life. Setelah sekali pemakaian, kulit akan terasa lembap dan tampak lebih halus. As I mentioned earlier, I did expect that this mask will give super-hydrating effect to my skin. Memiliki efek menyegarkan dan dapat menyeimbangkan kadar minyak pada kulit. It comes in shiny plastic aluminium packet in blue colour to show that this one is focused in hydration, I guess. I loved this so much. Setelah saya menggunakan kelima jenis sheet mask ini, dampak yang paling saya rasakan adalah kulit menjadi lebih lembap dan segar. It is quite affordable and easy to use. The serum is extremely moisturizing and takes time to get completely absorbed in the skin. One of the best sheet mask. I use it when I am in hurry to go somewhere when I have shortage of time. The next morning, you wake up with soft, silken skin. Why not I combine them all? I use this mask once in every one week. I’m amazed with the adherence! Remove it and massage the excess serum in the skin. I have already gone through the Garnier Hydra Bomb Mask in one of my previous reviews. I even tried the face packs but then nothing really helped me. Serum Mask Hydra Bomb Sakura White Garnier. Ingat! Glycerin : humectant, a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of the skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air. Even though this mask is designed specifically for dehydrated skin, I believe it is suitable for all skin types, but as usual you still have to patch test it first as YMMV. There’s a lil bit leftover behind so i just slather it on my arms and neck. Mengandung ekstrak Green Tea yang berperan sebagai antioksidan, dan Hyaluronic Acid yang akan memberikan kelembapan ekstra bagi kulit. Ekstrak antioksidan buah delima dan hyaluronic acid efektif melembapkan kulit yang kering, sehingga terawat dan terasa elastis. Moisture Bomb Garnier Eye Tissue Mask Hyaluronic Acid And Orange Juice For tired and dull eye contours, this tissue mask enriched with orange juice and hyaluronic will leave the eye area looking brighter, more refreshed and more awake. It's gives us a glow on our face . If they could find a way for better packaging it'll be the best product 10/10. Let’s talk about the 2nd variant. Green Tea Extracts 4. It’s honestly quite frustrating looking at the ingredients that this product highlights which are pomegranate extract and Sodium Hyaluronate are not in the top ingredients means the percentage of the ingredients is not very high, in fact there’s the presence of alcohol as the fourth ingredients. I’m really satisfied with the result! Today’s review is about a pampering sheet mask which is targeted for normal to mixed skin type. It clings to the face and can be adjusted according to the contours of the face for a perfect fit. Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks are a range of face masks made with 100 per cent natural cellulose fibre tissue infused with super hydrating ingredients to improve the quality of skin.. Tissue masker untuk kulit kombinasi cenderung berminyak generasi baru, tiap lembarnya menutrisi wajah dengan 1 minggu kadar konsentrasi serum Ukuran. These new generation face sheet masks deliver a moisture bomb that comforts skin for a pure moment of absolute pampering. Once the mask is applied on skin it intensely moisturises and hydrates. I would say the packet is slightly bigger than the standard sheet masks out there. It is recommended to use this mask 3 times per week to get the optimum results of reduced fine lines, skin looking plumper and revitalised. I recently discovered this Garnier Skin Naturals Hydra Bomb Serum Mask and I am in love with this product. It has a travel-friendly packaging. I use the Hydra Bomb variant because as I mention before, I have oily skin. It is a really amazing face sheet mask. I really like how the instructions were very clearly mentioned making the process of application even more easy. It improves the skin texture and gives a very cooling sensation to the skin. The product. There are very few face masks that actually work on the dry skin or face but then this face mask will leave all of the other brands behind. I am 29 this year, sadly i need to start using some of the anti aging products in my daily skin care routine. This is one of the new launches by Garnier.Their serum or tissue masks. It instantly lights up the complexion because of its nourishing ingredients. 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garnier hydra bomb serum mask review

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