I know that with the help of this epic buyer’s guide, you’ll easily be able to identify and buy the travel guitar of your dreams. The Absolute Worst and Utterly Terrible Way to Build a Folding Guitar: in this instructable, I will explain how to create a folding electric guitar out of a few pieces of hardware and an old guitar. The headless tuning system optimizes the compact design. This sweet guitar has gone the distance. Learn More. This is, however, one of the best inexpensive guitars you’ll find. With integral headphone amp. So let’s branch out… starting with a travel bass guitar. With their third product on this list, I have to say I’m impressed by Traveler Guitar’s commitment to their niche. An extra 25% of the guitar means an extra 25% weight off your back and the ability to stow this guitar on tons of flights. Traveler Guitar shifted into high gear, and by the turn of the century, their line expanded dramatically. By eliminating 68% of the weight, some reviews claim the guitar is difficult to balance, or that it’s too light to play or solo on comfortably. It’s becoming harder, when flying, to find an airline that will allow guitars to be taken on as hand luggage. This means that while this guitar is not going to feel 100% like a full-sized electric… it’ll come close. It just means due to its smaller size, this guitar sounds best with a non-standard E/A/D/G/B/e tuning. Play while you stray! Today, we’re cutting straight to the goodies because goodies are delicious! Think of it this way… have you ever been to a hostel and they have that small, beat up, classical guitar sitting in the main room? Just like the Ultra Light Travel Guitar, this model is unique in it’s design. this instructable is not for people not willing to compromise the st… I built this one with a neck that once the strings are loosened, allows the neck to fold under the body. So, this guitar flies for FREE! In all seriousness, a folding guitar is a supreme traveling instrument. Well… that’s quite true. The no-compromise folding guitar, as seen on Shark Tank, is road-tested, and the choice for traveling guitarists around the globe! Downside: can’t be carried on. But otherwise, it’s basically just another electric guitar that gives much less when unplugged. or Buy It Now. Miss strumming on your guitar on vacations? Ok, you sexy shredder; let’s do this! ‘The Future of Guitar Travel’. Actually, by now it’s not only one guitar we are talking about, because the two entrepreneurs have expanded their product portfolio to a broad variety of different models since. Luna make good gear and they’re not just in the ukulele space either. Do you prefer to shred solos high up the neck? They’re all small enough to go as carry-on on a plane and they strap nicely to most backpacks. You could get a mini guitar that carries on your back… or you could just get one that folds in half completely! It gives a genuine acoustic guitar experience with a comfortable posture to practice and record for long durations. Sponsored Listings. City dweller. Remember though, the sound will be nice, but not as full as a typical bass. One of the few travel-sized guitars built with all-solid timbers. Voyage Air Guitar TransAxe Series TelAir Folding Electric Guitar will probably make your travel trip wonderful and it will definitely be perfect replacement for your primal guitar. Our STROBELCASTER™ foldable guitars sound and play like a Fender STRATOCASTER®, with three single coil pickups and the “Easily Detachable Neck”™ (EDN) system you expect from a Strobel travel size electric guitar. The no-compromise folding guitar, as seen on Shark Tank, is road-tested, and the choice for traveling guitarists around the globe! Bottom line – This is the ‘I’m on a shoestring budget backpacking through Southeast Asia. While this travel electric attempts to mimic a full-sized electric – don’t expect it to feel exactly like a Strat or Tele. I’m going to party on beaches and all I want is a throwaway guitar I can play some Sublime singalongs on in between cheap beers in hopes of getting laid’ choice. It’s Handmade in Taiwan, but you can carry this baby all over the world – just slip it onto it back. Aaron Radcliffe is the marketing ninja for The Broke Backpacker, founder of Nomads Nation and Co-Founder of Ditch Your Desk. ), 10lbs means what you gain in quality, you lose in travel convenience. Whammy those sustains? The Travelcaster was meant to be lightweight while sacrificing as little playability as possible… Highly recommended for a professional who isn’t sure if the Ultra-Light can make the cut for them. If you are more of a casual guitar player (like I am these days) then you will be stoked to know that a travel guitar can absolutely replace your primary guitar (especially if you don’t mind spending a bit more). Electric Guitar: Polyethylene electric hardcase that also has TSA-approved latches for security. The innovative Cross Guitar is a a full-scale folding guitar that makes it easy to take and play music anywhere you need to go. I liked the one I recently The breadth of today’s range of travel guitars means there is a guitar to suit most playing styles and genres, so the quick answer is that yes, there is a travel guitar for everyone.

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