Thanks to shows like Mad Men, everyone wants retro drinks. Cherry Limeade Cocktail is a fun adult twist on a classic summer drink. Related: More Great Cherry Drinks It’s so perfect. YESSSSS. We have so many! It adds a nice refreshing pop to the drink, without going full-out mojito. Cherry cocktail recipes, including a Cayuse cherry bomb. This great gatsby drink is a wonderful retro cocktail I decided to give the rickey cocktail an update to by making it cherry drinks. The green in our drink comes from fresh mint sprigs. Add a bit more cherry juice if you like a sweet cocktail, or back off of it if you prefer a drier, more seltzer-y, bubbly drink. Sour Cherry Fizz Mixologist Julie Reiner amps up the amount of sour cherry puree and fresh lemon juice to give this virgin beverage its "alcoholic tartness." Retro Drinks. If you’re looking for summer cocktails you sure have come to the right place. Retro drinks are on a comeback. It’s a delicious cocktail with refreshing cherry and lemon lime flavors that are perfect on a hot day. There’s also a splash of vodka in here for more party fun. ... Not all drinks have risqué names, but, bar manager Nick Kosevich says, "It's great when a 60-year-old lady orders a Panty Dropper."

cherry alcoholic drink

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