There was a conversation between some pros the other day about the best BBCOR bats that they used to mash with. against those bats and do just as well. Although made illegal in a 33-inch model, the 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta is the undisputed (in our eyes) champ of the 2020 BBCOR space. Does that mean everyone will appreciate the feel, pop, and balance? The bat is downright beautiful. They have technology in the knob that helps dampen sting as a single piece of aluminum. I do enjoy your reviews and youtube demos. Finding the best baseball bat for the type of player you can be a daunting task. 7 Best Wiffle Ball Bats to Win Every Inning. The Meta offers the rare combination of a massive barrel and light swing weight – no wonder it’s our top-selling BBCOR bat for 2020. Best BBCOR Bat 2020 Not Named Meta: There are several excellent options for 2020. Its mid-balance, hand-loaded feel gives excellent bat speed and feel through the zone. To be clear, we are not affiliated with any of the bat manufacturers listed on this website. We do like it. See if they have any more success with a 31-inch light swinging bat. Let’s look at the top 5 BBCOR baseball bats you can get and what makes them the best. Thanks in advance for any help. I have no budget. For starters, the bat is balanced. To put together this list, we have hit, seen hit, reviewed, tested, and read numerous reviews on every single 2016 BBCOR bat on the market. The bat is BBCOR certified. We measured what bat they use, how they like it, and what bat they consider to be the best. Not all bats of the same make and model and weight are the same. You can find those in something like the Quatro Pro, CF, or Axe Hyperwhip. No Wonder it is our top … If you’re looking to get a competitive edge over your opponents this season, you want to find the best baseball bats out there. Of course, everyone’s list will be different. We hit with all of them to get these insights. Handles it ok (he loves the pop) but I think there’s a better bat out there that can help with barrel control to cut down the swing and misses. For starters, we like how the 617 SOLO is different. We like the 2021 BBCOR Vicuts Nox. We simply strive to guide you through the bat buying process, by providing all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. A significant piece of the baseball bat market is the BBCOR space, and as such, we have used every performance ($150+) BBCOR bat for 2018 in some fashion or another. But, the bat that consistently got great ratings across the board for its fantastic feel out of the wrapper, great performance and durability is the 2018 Louisville Slugger 918 Prime. Best Wooden Baseball Bats. Looking for best bang for buck, would be willing to spend the money on Meta but not sure if thats the right bat for him. There are not many distinctions to be made between balanced bats—other than appearance, feel and price. Though introduced recently, Best BBCOR Baseball bats 2020 have taken root in the sports world. The Rawlings Company believe in constantly researching and developing new products, and that includes their line of baseball bats. The bat gets the best player ratings, has a perfect balance, and feels fantastic. What follows is the insights we gained from this study. Every major company, and even some of the small ones, can deliver a bat that produces exit speeds right at the limit—and some companies do it with several bats. If there is any bat in the 2018 class we might take to the plate before the Rawlings Quatro, it is the 2018 Voodoo Insane. Its barrel size is dreamy; swing weight calculated precisely for the broadest audience and two-piece construction arguably flawless. No, they are the most substantial composite and metal bat company in the world because they make bats like the MAKO. Louisville Slugger Vapor (-3) 2020 BBCOR baseball bat is the most durable and best-performing bat of the 7 series. All that said, swing weight matters too and the Bonesaber has a balanced+ type swing weight. Our defense is the best effort in finding the 2018 BBCOR bat players would be the happiest with on average. It’s official swing weight, as we recorded it, sat in the bottom 30%. If the idea here is to hit as many home runs as possible, the trick would be to use the biggest bat with the heaviest swing weight. Axe plans for this by supporting the contact side of the barrel differently than the non-impact side. You won’t get a $300 bat which has no pop and doesn’t make it beyond the infield. Swing Weights, Exit Speeds and Our Take on the Best 2021 BBCOR Data. Based on our reading of the data, The Goods is the most preferred BBCOR bat for 2021. Like the bat’s predecessor, we have yet to find a player that does not love the BBCOR CF Zen. It has an upgraded design with a new AZ4X alloy that makes it … As well, the CAT 8/9 swings heavier than the META. There are so many different BBCOR bats out there, figuring out which one is right for your hitting style may seem like a daunting task. Every player endeavors to get the best highlights of a bat, inside a sensible value run. 2018 Beast X speed is the alloy variation of the beast range. Precision-balanced, one-piece alloy barrel construction provides a clean, consistent, traditional swing and increased pop. Negative vibration impact, ring free barrel, increased sweet spot, and maximum power are the top qualities of this new addition in the Marucci BBCOR bat family. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The MAKO Beast, much like the CF Zen below, sits at the top of the shelf in players’ minds and parents’ wallets for a reason. As an example, although we aren’t sure, most expected the CAT 9 to drop in May. Those that like stiff bats and a loud ping (and saving a few bucks) should love it. The feel and sound are remarkable. My son has only been using BBCOR for a couple years, but during that time I’d say the 2019 red Meta has been the best. No other bats such as USA or USSSA bats are legal for use in high school play. Lightweight, composite handle flex-tuned to increase whip and reduce vibrations. My son has a 33 30…still has his cat7 and loves it as well…100 mph EV from front soft toss. Our guess is we have yet to see at least 50% of the 2021 BBCOR bats. I hope that helps, and thanks for the question. The success of the bat is known to all. The asymmetric knob now has an asymmetric friend at the opposite end of the bat. Even today, well into the 2017 bat market season, the CF8 is in high demand—-it is a tough find. Many big hitters like the ultra-stiff feel of a single piece bat, and as such, the Voodoo Raw won’t cut it for them. The two-piece system reduces vibration and the inner barrel offers a larger sweet spot than ever before. The Quatro is well balanced. I am a high school senior, and I am currently swinging a Marucci Cat 7 and can’t swing that bat next year in college due to the barrel being white. For 2019 the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime was a game-changer. The best 2021 BBCOR bats are here! This guide will take you through what a BBCOR baseball bat is, how to pick between the best ones and also provide you with links to buy and review the best BBCOR certified bats on the market in 2020. Leave a reply Cancel reply. ​Our Best BBCOR Bat 2016 edition wouldn’t be complete without a runner-up. BBCOR baseball bats are aluminum bats meant to be as similar to wooden bats as possible. Baseball players around the globe are continually looking for the best bats to lift their game. You can see those answers from the outer ring below. They are, after all, the same bat. Easton works hard to continually stay in the forefront with innovative baseball bat technology. However, it is a good bat to buy, but it’s not good enough for $450. The best and easiest way to save money on a bat is to buy a used one. So you know, we believe the 2020 falls short of the 2019 version, so don’t recommend it as a suitable replacement. ​. As a Jr./So. The other major issue is the bat lacks availability. Bestseller No. In any event, the Nuke is an interesting bat for sure. Price does not matter. 3Fusion End Cap reduces weight at the end of the bat for more balanced swing. He really likes the Axe bats, but I see the Elite One is very endloaded. It doesn't have the biggest barrel length, but when you catch it on the sweet spot this bat has a ton of pop. Only bats with a USSSA certified stamp can be used for USSSA leagues. I suspect your big hitting son might like the aluminum barrel more than he imagined. Featuring a huge alloy sweet spot, Rawlings found a way to create a huge sweet spot while keeping the swing weight surprisingly balanced. Length to weight ratio. As such, you are forced to go to the secondary market where eBay prices are driving silly prices because there is always someone with a little more cents than sense, as they say. After reviewing consumer feedback and reviews, we curated a list of BBCOR ‘s best bats. I really feel he would do well with a 32″ Axe hyperwhip as I know it has a very light swing weight by size. It’s price, performance reviews and player feedback should put it on the shortlist of every serious ballplayer. The Meta’s composite barrel is a half inch larger than that of any bat in the Louisville Slugger lineup, giving players a huge sweet spot that won’t hinder swing speed. And, to boot, it’s going to save a few bucks (at least compared to the Meta). A Comp-Lite endcap further contributes to the extremely light swing-weight of the Velo. Like the 617 SOLO and Rawlings VELO, it uses an extended composite end cap even further to reduce swing weight. made by flame analyzes and compares all products and review. Also, it turns out; we love the many length options and the balanced swing. As a power hitter, you’re looking for something that packs a wallop – not something that just makes a little contact.. Why the TORQ and not the traditional MAKO? One day, maybe they’ll respond to my email about why they do it like that. The ball bounces off the barrel before the connection piece engages. Pros. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. They serve as a basis for our impressions of the bat. Everyone else, for a cheap BBCOR bat that most kids can swing, we like a bat like the BBCOR StringKing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Louisville Slugger 618 Solo is a one-piece, balanced, aluminum alloy, drop 3 bat that comes hot out of the wrapper.As is expected from one-piece bats, the 618 gives stiff, traditional feel and transfers more power to the ball. If you’re joining a High School or College baseball team and want to stand out, then you’ll need one of the best BBCOR bats available. The 919 Prime is also perfectly reasonable and if he likes the 918 a lot, why fix what ain’t broke. Quickly jump into our best BBCOR bats and best youth bats reviews to find the perfect baseball bat for this season. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Bat Review. Integrating the weight factor, the length to weight ratio is the most important factor in choosing the best Bbcor bats. With a minimum transfer of vibration from barrel to handle, the energy will, instead, be transferred to the ball. Single piece alloy design which features a huge sweet spot and a balanced feel. Is the sweet spot smaller on the hyperwhip? We can assure you, that the bats we have chosen are the best possible bats. In BBCOR for 2019, it is Slugger. Easton 2019 PROJECT 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat As low as $55.98 Regular Price $199.99. March 25, 2019 November 12, 2017 by Michael Embrey. Expanded sweet spot with no “dead spots” which allows for more barrel flex and increased performance. However, both use the same alloy material (Axe calls it the MX8) with that variable wall thickness that many bats use these days (CAT, Velo, Victus, etc.). Our results are based on real player metrics. These requirements stipulate that such bats must have a weight drop of minus 3, a barrel sized at no larger than 2 5/8” and carry the BBCOR certification. But, honestly, the 2020 Easton Maxum in BBCOR blew us away. This bat has Axe Bats’ patented Axe Handle which enables your best swing, more often; maximizing bat speed and improving barrel control for harder, more consistent contact. I am stuck between the Cat 8 and Meta. But, in terms of the bat we found could hit the ball the fastest, it was the 2018 Rawlings Quatro. The new baseball season is just around the corner. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat: Marucci Cat 6 is another version of a baseball bat from Marucci Company. The CAT 8 is a beautifully designed bat with a high sized barrel and a loud sound. Finding the best baseball bat for the type of player you can be a daunting task. Best BBCOR Bats 2018 1. The best Bbcor bats have a length ranging from 29 -34 inches. Our style, then, is to go and buy older bats, like the CAT 5 or maybe even an older Voodoo (We really like the 2013 and 2016 RAW). The vast majority are very close to each other. But all bats are not created equal, just like all hitters are not created equal. I have always used composite bats with much success but never got the pop I wanted. We’ll see how the year shapes up. So, for what it’s worth, The Goods or Prime in a 34-inch might be the right choice. Expensive, Expensive, Expensive, Not Better in Performance—its BBCOR. The Stinger Nuke has to be included in this discussion. *Player Rank: Player rank adds up how many self described BBCOR players or parents think a certain bat is the best. This best list shows the highest rated BBCOR bats for 2018 as determined by the thousands of folks who come to our site. (Pricing check​. The Prime 918 is one of the best BBCOR bats this year. 7 Best 2019 BBCOR Baseball Bats As the calendar has flipped into 2019, it’s time to release JustBats’ 2019 7 Most Popular BBCOR Bat list. Also, the 2020 version of the CAT 8 is no different than the 2019 version save the color change from white to black. ​​As predictable as the sun rising in the East, we like the ​2017 MAKO BBCOR a lot. Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro Bat Review. BBCOR standards have leveled the playing field considerably. Louisville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519 (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat, 33"/30 oz . The stand-alone champ of 2020 BBCOR is Slugger’s META. Hello I am a 15u player, taller build and a medium weight. We are going to present you with the market’s top 10 BBCOR baseball bats that most of the professional and intermediate league players are using to combat the opposition. Good luck! Bats, Product Reviews. It was a really good bat, but it was about the same as my Marucci Cat 7. Finding the best baseball bat for the type of player you are may seem almost as impossible as hitting a homerun every time you’re at bat. If you’ve been swinging the same length two-piece composite with a light swing weight (like the CF) then it is very possible you are hitting the ball farther because a heavier swing weight will do that if you can keep all other things (like swing speed) equal. If you want to steer clear of the Meta, then a different great bet is the Easton ADV 360. I am a strong 15 years old and am moving up an inch from 32 to a 33. However, the CAT 7 does not have the extended composite end cap like the 617 SOLO, so expect a slightly more massive swing per given inch. We measure these bats individually and, we’ve learned, many of the same models have a manufacturing tolerance of their weight distribution. Bats, Product Reviews. Generally, two-piece bats give the impression you may have hit the ball better when you did not. To be sure, they are great bats. Thanks for reaching out. we have no doubt he’ll be swinging a bat like The Goods or Axe Elite (heavy swinging bats) by the time he is a senior. The Speed Cap on the Easton Alpha helps provide a more flexible and responsive barrel while generating one of the sweetest sounds at contact. So let’s get ahead and review each of them to find the right one for you. An AXE bat fuses three inches of lightweight carbon fiber to the end of a barrel with super-hot mantic alloy; thus giving hitters the speed they crave. Thanks for the question. He is a contact hitter, not big power, about 5’9 and 130 lbs. I see all of these as a good option, just what might be better…seems the Meta has more pop? Here’s a look at the best Bbcor Bats Of All Time. Hope that helps and thanks for reading. Please enter an answer in digits: ten − five = 8 Best Baseball Pitching Machines + Buying Guide. You want to be able to maximize your timing with the bat that has heights swing weight. Go To: Best BBCOR Bats 2021 COVID Changes. It just is what it is. DeMarini's 3Fusion End Cap redirects the energy back into the barrel, further contributing to the bat's performance. Bat Digest is reader-supported. It does not come in a 29 inch, but it is $50 cheaper. Now I need to get get him a drop 3 and read the reviews on the cat8 black and says it is for power hitters what would you recommend I get him. And in a world where small players require tiny BBCOR bats, it is an absolute plus to have a 29-inch bat. We also measured the length of the max barrel size on each BBCOR bat. Many USSSA and USA bats a shelved for 2021. The Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat is a renowned brand. which BBCOR bat has the best pop? Each are delayed due to COVID. Update October 20: We are waiting for more 2021 BBCOR bats to get released before we make our final determinations. But, we expect to have each of them in hand by the end of October 2020. Fair question. They changed nothing between the two. This design keeps the lighter swing found on more expensive bats but now delivers hot out of the wrapper performance. Done. Of the bats you listed, our favorite is the Voodoo Balanced. The power balanced swing weight integrates an optimized barrel length and balance point with more mass in the barrel for explosive power. But, we really like old school bats. *Yes, My Bat is Best: How many BBCOR players claimed the 'best bat' was also the bat they used. In terms of overall performance, the BBCOR standard has leveled the playing field dramatically. But, here are the best BBCOR bats for 2020. Last 2 falls swung 32″ Baum bat and for this fall along with the Baum bat also swung 2018 Meta Prime (red one). Dylan November 16, 2016 Baseball No Comments. The bat’s asymmetric knob, long a fixture on Axe bats, leads to a phenomenon we have discussed at length referred to as “predictive impact.” The shaped knob forces contact on one side of the barrel. At $499 and the most expensive stock BBCOR bat on the market, the bat was rarely in stock. Fastpitch bats should have come and gone already. Thank you and have a great day! Thanks. Few, if any, have ever hit with the 915 and then ever let it out of their site. The bat was a fan favorite. Add to that sweet and comfortable design a few other factors. Of course! Though introduced recently, Best BBCOR Baseball bats 2020 have taken root in the sports world. Many coaches might freak out at him for using a heavier bat because his timing might slow down. What size and type of bat would you recommend for my 13 yr old son? The 2018 Voodoo One is one of our favorite BBCOR bats. Since the BBCOR and USA standards are very similar, we think that lighter swing weight will really help with his confidence, bat speed, and plate success. Two-piece inner composite tube system provides increased durability and performance. It uses a proprietary sting dampening mechanism in the knob to help remove some vibration on the thumb during mishits. If you plan on being the best hitter possible you need to know what to look for when picking this piece of equipment. Product Reviews. After reviewing consumer feedback and reviews, we curated a list of BBCOR ‘s best bats. It is the Best Bbcor Bats available in the market today. Well, unfortunately, BBCOR bats don’t perform like USSSA bats. Shock-absorbing handle helps reduce vibrations and stop stings. Stinger Nuke BBCOR Bat Review. We think it’s doubtful the average High School player will like the Nuke more than a bat like the Goods or Meta. It was interesting and funny to hear them argue about it. Best 2018 BBCOR Bats There were several fantastic BBCOR bats in 2018. In other words, your results may vary, but these are the swing weights (+/- 3%) of the bats we worked with to get our ratings. If he’s already swinging a 34/31 well, then the only real option is go up in swing weight. With large barrel size, the bat will have substantial contact with the ball. Our guess is, by the time all the other balanced bats get released for 2021 BBCOR, the Nox won’t be our favorite 2021 Balanced BBCOR bat. Best Youth Bat: 2020. Comp-Lite endcap allows for an insanely light swing-weight. The bat packs serious power can hit the long ball like nobody’s business and feels ultra-smooth on both hits and mishits. The 32-inch has a swing weight that is heavier than 50% of the 33-inch BBCOR bats. Anyone willing to spend $500 on the most expensive bat is sure to find it in stock. A BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) bat is a bat that’s approved for use in high school and collegiate play. Amazon Price Check Slugger Price Check, After a year’s worth of feedback and more testing than we can count, we still think the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is the best BBCOR bat. If he wants one that hits it the farthest, the top 60 to 70% of BBCOR bats perform within 1 mph of each other. After lots of hitting with every 2020 BBCOR bat out there, our hitters think Slugger’s Meta Prime is the best BBCOR bat. This shows how a lot of companies have figured out the BBCOR standard. Best BBCOR Baseball Bats 2019. Amazon Price Check, Although the same as the white version of the bat, the Marucci CAT 8 might be the best all-around BBCOR bat on the market. Crafted with a one-piece alloy design, the Rawlings 5150 is a great option for a hitter who loves tradition. Louisville Slugger 2020 Meta BBCOR Bat; Axe Bat 2020 Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat; DeMarini 2020 Voodoo One Balanced BBCOR Bat; Marucci CAT8 BBCOR Baseball Bat ; Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP BBCOR Bat; Wood Bats and BBCOR. Well anyway, I asked him if I could use it, and he said that I could. Two other BBCOR bats called the Akadema Catapult, and the newer Pheonix Smoke Metal should be in that conversation, but we’re still getting those in house. Axe’s asymmetric knob on the Hyperwhip combines with an asymmetric endcap. Thanks for your help. We expect something like the ADV, MAXUM or CF to put the screws to the NOX. If you want to buy something new, then we suggest a bat like the 31″ Rawlings Quatro. CF8 is manufactured using Paradox +Plus composite technology that makes it a lightweight and gives it a more balanced feel. Any bat 30″ and below would have to be BBCOR or USABat. In the meantime though, make no mistake, the 2021 Victus Nox is a legit BBCOR bat with a balanced swing, big barrel, and top-end performance. If you choose a good reputable company or an expensive bat, it’s going to have pop in it. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon and a number of positive reviews. Best Fastpitch Bat: 2020. As well, we are sure, Slugger made plenty this year. Axe Bat and their unique handle design is rapidly growing in popularity across all levels of the sport.

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