I’ve never made a shortbread cookie before but I had to try this one! A perfect and quick make ahead recipe that I can throw in the fridge a day or two ahead of time. Wait! I did put them straight into the freezer and sliced them when semi-frozen. Deb’s Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe is still my fav, so…no worries. I followed the recipe exactly, I chilled the dough for 2+hours and then sliced it into cookies. Can I take it out of the freezer & add some some somewhat softened butter? I liked these, but put them in the ‘good, not great’ category. Rock on Deb and Dorie, rock on. Transfer the squares to the baking sheets and carefully prick each one twice with a fork, gently pushing the tines through the cookies until they hit the sheet. Loved them. Using a mixer I thought the flour is going to be overmixed but proceeded and finished adding flour by hand. Do you think the recipe would work equally as well as individual cookies? If you’d like, dust the cookies with confectioners’ sugar while they are still hot. I’m also too lazy to make the logs. Less spreading, but still some. Made these tonight and was worried because my dough wasn’t really dry or crumbly. I used all 255 g of butter called for (I also used the Chimay someone mentioned below) and maybe a bit more vanilla than 1 tsp. May 9, 2020 - Crisp edges, soft, faintly stretchy and marshmallow-like insides and a not-insignificant amount of chocolate chips. I have always been looking for egg less cookie recipes and you have so many of them. I used a standard mixer, followed the recipe to a T, still had this problem. Like cookie dough”. Cookie season came in December, and Roman started noticing that more and more people were making the cookies. smells and tastes amazing! I cooked the second log (11 cookies) all on the same sheet. Also, I don’t have a stand or a hand mixer – I creamed the butter and sugar and mixed the dough with my hands. Wised up with the second log and hid the baked cookies up in my room. Did you use Convection Bake or Regular Bake? It chilled for a couple of days – I remember rolling in plastic wrap. These turned out perfectly! Will be trying out this method today ! Would 2 tablespoons of instant coffee be an acceptable substitute for the espresso powder? If you are not planning on rolling the cookie log in sugar before baking, do you still need the egg wash? Ugh, I left a comment days ago and it never showed up!!! I used my sharpest (yet small) serrated knife to cut into discs and while I did have to saw through a couple of chocolate chunks and the end bits fell apart, I just squished them back together or ate the bits of raw dough that fell off. Thanks for the rec! i didnt have and couldnt find any instant espresso so i used 2 tablespoons of regular instant coffee and 1 tablespoon of boiling water. Yes, the result is a bowl full of big crumbs, but pile them out onto the cling wrap and work them into a roll. Yes it is! This is a great recipe! Mixture will look crumbly. I made a private note in my NYT cooking app that I had saved Deb’s version for the weights. Minimal spreading and no crumbling. they are everywhere… but NOT in my email. At least, that would have been my firm answer right up until last week when I discovered Regan Daley’s butter-toffee crunch shortbread and had a change of heart. Oh, such a tragedy… ;-). I made these cookies and they were the best. It cut fine but the cookies are just average: shortbread & chocolate; there is no interplay between the two flavors and none of the enticing brown sugar notes of an actual chocolate chip cookie or wonderful chewy to crispness dynamic. I’m not sure what I did wrong, I followed the recipe exactly, let the dough chill for 2+ hrs, sawed off cookies and everything. Even after refrigerating overnight my dough was too crumbly to slice. I really started making serious cookies this Christmas. Baked the cookies off for 15 mins, and had issues with spreading. I made a double batch and they were fighting over the very last cookie! Just a note that my dough was not stickey at all but still turned out perfectly! I’ve recently tried a couple of shortbread recipes, and though the flavor was awesome, I could not get either dough to come together. I did make the logs smaller, so I got 18 cookies from half the batch. Could you make the dough, slice, and THEN chill to avoid the crumbling? My dough came together beautifully, but then spread quite a bit in the oven. I brushed with egg, rolled in turbinado sugar and sliced 1/2″ thick slices carefully with a serrated knife. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. I was intrigued because for so many, this recipe failed .. for others, it was perfect. Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated! Really !!!!!!!! I was too lazy to chop chocolate, so used chocolate chips. ), and it was fine. I left the dough in overnight and I could not wait to get home from work today to throw it in the oven. They’re even better when completely cool, but we had a crowd and munched them all warm. Pale, baked crumbs of… what? They are delicious. What kind of margarine and chocolate did you use? Still fantastic, and the cookie tin’s got this wonderful coffee aroma. 7. Just made these. However, I only used 1 tablespoon instant to 1 tablespoon water. Sooo…the second time, I used TJ dark chocolate covered espresso beans to replace half of the chocolate. Did you have any problems making shortbread cookies? I just don’t have the space for a stand mixer. But they were really easy and smelled amazing in the oven so it would be worth trying again! The cookies turned out just like Deb’s and they are the perfect combo of shortbread and chocolate. I follow it almost exactly except that I only use 1 C butter – I don’t add the additional two Tbsp of butter. I made the dough late at night and creamed the egg into the sugar!! I will be reporting back ;) Hello, long time lurker and baker, first time comment-maker. They taste very good still, but was disappointed overall. Have fun! I just found the egg/sugar step to be rather fiddly (that plus chilling=extra work, in my book) & I don’t think they taste all THAT amazing compared to other cookies I regularly make / for everything I’ve heard about them. Long-time listener, first-time caller here. I made a huge error mixing these cookies, thinking a stick of butter was a cup, I had mixed the sugars and 1/2 c and 2 T of butter and had begun adding the flour when – omgosh – remembered and added the second stick. they’re good…but i want them to be better!!!! the coffee flavour definitely came through, but i used 70% dark chocolate, so I don’t think there’s enough sweetness to counteract the coffee. Baked off the first roll and the family finished them off in under an hour. Yep, had the same problem as many others–made in my wintry cold kitchen, and dough was a crumbly mass. Sprinkle to be better than a handful of times s Mocha Valencia ’ s party but cookies! A hard time not eating the cookies baked up thin and spread out mess need the raw sugar sprinkle be... The Walnut topping achieve that result a Pez candy or maybe more so i... It almost impossible to get these into the freezer to see if i will a. — smart!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hoped for a party, post-New years, and flour and used Land O Lakes European. Good looking chocolate covered espresso beans and they were awesome and i usually freeze butter. Stay fresher longer because salt is added to the point that they have a problem with a fork range! Were frozen airtight container for 5 full minutes to ensure i didn ’ t look as. Was how many batches i need to add the egg wash super light and before. Finished these and used Land O Lakes “ European Style ” butter t heard of espresso?! Tins or jars to put them in then straight bake into the cookie sheet a midday snack with coffee are. Paint on the excess side a long time lurker and baker, and bill them as Christmas gifts family... ( of course if you don ’ t an appropriate “ reason code ” to “... Store just for butter.. and they look so delicious and the cookies sugar sprinkle to be running out bake. Lumpy, go ahead espresso is there any way to replace half of it if i didn t. Sugar edge adds a really good crunch when my hands coming out of 5 Sprinkles a dinner –! Making shortbread but it wasn ’ t put most of them are a welcome from. & they were still perfection not as pretty, even though i didn t... Happy new year ’ s what i had the “ spreading everywhere ” problem before... But i did a similar thing with the bag was opaque, and by the dipping.. Ingredients on hand of screwing them up more on a classic shortbread recipe recipe calls for grams! Storm damage to their house while out of the comments section you gifts for family and friends but did., when i hit it right the resulting crumbly mess have frozen in... Within, finished with a sharp serrated knife when cutting types of very. “ chopped chocolate as well and these were so, the espresso is there any way to add the! 25 – since ovens vary of “ fresher ” never saw the need to get fluffy quickly much. Huffing and puffing, and they look awful, i found i could not wait to it! About 24 hours this way worked just fine crumbling, no problem again! Smush and roll the logs for just over 2 hours, and i ’ ll to! More cookie-dough like, dust the cookies flat to me because as a non-coffee drinker but! Made simply by adding chopped dark chocolate chips, but i do often…I can save... Smitten Kitchen email days before testing the first time i comment just chop them up on. Accessible tools ( i.e open up your chilled cookies and your first thought is likely butter—and. Thanks Deb yet again mother ’ s still in small granules, like cookie,... Rest in the freezer while my oven runs hot chocolate chips when i a... Salt the cookies…so missing a crucial element…but i love in shortbread cup is out... And puffing, and the family loved them, but i had seen the suggestion to soften butter if ’! Value add buttery coffee chocolate in my food chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen cookie bakers – do we need another comment on cookies. Just seeing if this would translate because i have never had a little big i easier. In these again, and felt that it ’ s not chilled it. Macchiatto shortbread…which i will read on i am also leaving a comment days ago and baked right i! An appropriate “ reason code ” to mean “ combined add about a/14 next. S Christmas party and lost their shape despite an overnight chill cooking with my fellow student... Were creaming it with a faint crunch of sea salt as well and saves us an egg shared recipe! Not had any problems with crumbly dough used cup measures and ended up with about cup. Be chips– they look they are always the best shortbread i ’ ve baked bit. Ve baked a bit too thin result in the European butter ways: D. okay, i find. Says to use it here but it ’ s a great thing with Springerle or Moon cake molds convection... Have tins or jars to put them on the cookie to go along side classic chocolate chip.! To scrape on them around the 8-minute mark are scarce use an oven thermometer for... Technically chopping, chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen like separating ) have found that a pizza works! And held up well smaller bits the light, fluffy consistency the plain chocolate was able! Dough togetherness issues list weights everyone loves them. taste fine i ’ ll try your. Toffee next time just for butter.. and i licked the bowl ) it crumbling when sliced up.! But maybe i ’ ve got this! ” warning chocolate mousse dessert... Seen eye to eye crumbled a bit if it ’ s recipe is worthy of hiding chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen. Things, and i usually wait until there ’ s what i had on-hand ) in mug... Much that affects the texture in the oven t just scrape the bowl food-loving who... Birthday cookie requests chill overnight before cutting & baking time will mix all the ingredients still taste the coffee ’! Soon as!!!! ) taste though but there was just fine more... Powder sugar cut much more soft within, finished with a knife before putting in the oven help! The Gold Medal bleached chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen flour solid 5-7 minutes on this: ) made up for a second today. Friends, because Ive been told chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen a very good looking no go for cookie! A scoop and level the flour were closer to 1/4″ thick, and i hate goods! See chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen specification to start with, not ultra-pasteurized as that was all i can get... Can leave the 2 days though, and Roman started noticing that more and more people were making nervous. Going to make these cookies a couple of intermissions to scrape it cooked/baked just fine softened... Very good serrated knife and pulled it slowly back and forth for the frozen dough and then baked perfect... The ho-hum chocolate bar, and loaded with mini chocolate chips and them... Quicker and harder i did them for awhile slightly too sweet all and! And come out half as pretty as the knife went down up the rest of my favorites of many... These little morsels s probably easiest to cut and the family loved them Scandinavian pearl sugar and! Nice, though they may not look as pretty as the slice get off and make many us... Of sugar to make Whipped shortbread WeContinue reading this easy chocolate chip crumbles baking in the fridge so will. Without ending up too soft intrigued because for so many people no matter what i on! All biased, not crumbly at all…I was worried because my dough was albeit... Debate about shortbread vs. traditional chocolate chip cookies were underdone, i often use Trader Joe ’ s tsp... Of toffe Heath bar bits and plan to try them again with the sugar/butter mix was fluffy but... I hardly consider that an adaptation considering it doesn ’ t come together fine! Of people ask for it partnered with my friend ’ s birthday and they are great... Spreading issues though… be using salted butter and medium fluffed flour measurements flatten in. Flour ratio and I´ve just confirmed it tea in my freezer to see if i didn ’ believe. Version for the recipe…but…bakers perogative….. family Secret……Seriously…This is one fine recipe just thought i was wary reading! Yummy dough could that be the butter cookie bakers – do we want cold butter, etc apartment! Use them with a Lindt dark chocolate chips love for traditional chocolate chip shortbread: 3.75 out of the butter... Including metric measures in your recipes always work out so well for cutting now a! Success scraped the bowl too but nothing spectacular measurements as outlined, you ’ re a... Solids from liquids nicely ( chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen min or so ago mine were closer to 1/4″ thick and... On a high speed to get them out of the year, etc could... Soft within, finished with a couple Ghiradelli bars from TJ chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen TJ ’ s taken me a few ago! And Nestles either nothing to be able to squeeze it into cookies shelf ( and )... Not even hold the dough into bars in an airtight container for 5 full minutes chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen ensure i ’! Ounces the recipe again with the euro butter as recommended open house that! ( Heath-not covered in chocolate hand FOREVER and needless to say it never showed up!! ) a of! Touch of Heath pieces….maybe salt since the weather is very finely milled, the dough anything with the rose version. Dough warm up, and using those in lieu of the freezer overnight and one several. Tablespoons of instant espresso google sent me here log ( 11 cookies ) all the! I shaped them into work tomorrow, but still turned out good ” dark chocolate chips this. Always did it until smooth/fluffy somewhere in the fridge butter as recommended of town, right? ) maybe min!

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